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October 03, 2017

57th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Concert Cut-Purse in Cincinnati

Cincinnati ›   North America ›   USA ›  

Editor's Note: While some travelers wear our apparel solely for trips, others have various purposes in mind. The following testimonial shows a customer who specifically bought his pair of Pick-Pocket Proof Pants as the ultimate concert pants to keep his valuables safe in the dense crowds of venues.

Dear Clothing Arts,

Do you want a testimony? I was always going to concerts and worried about people pickpocketting me at concerts and shows in the United States. I have the same pair of pants and used them at every concert I have been to. And that is approximately 260 something shows. The reason I deceided to contact you now was because of a Black Dahlia Murder concert tonight in Cincinatti, Ohio.

In a mosh pit, people are suceptible to people digging in their pockets. Well, I had a smiling "**** You" face when this girl tried to grab up my backside thinking my wallet would be in the back pocket. She even continued to smile at me like she was playing a game and I said, "Isnt it funny that my pockets are empty?" She just smiled and turned away. Moshers beware!

I haven't properly thanked you for all those years and close calls. But that is what matters the most after all! The countless shows I have gone to since wearing them has allowed me to crowd surf and mosh safely without the threat of people grabbing my pockets as I surf, or even things falling out of my pockets while I surfed!

- Alex from Cincinati, USA

September 26, 2017

56th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Roman Bus Bandit Stopped!

Europe ›   Italy ›   Rome ›  

Editor's Note: This stop comes to us via a new 5 Star review on our Pick-Pocket Proof® Adventure Travel Pants. Winston was traveling on the #64 bus in Rome when a fellow passenger attempted to unzip his waist-side pocket.

The #64 bus in Rome is one of the biggest hotspots for pick-pockets in the city. The line runs East to West across the Tiber River; from the center of the city to the Vatican and Castel Sant'Angelo. If you have a trip coming up to Rome or are thinking about going in the future, make sure to be mindful of this bus line. It is very convenient to get to some major sights but make sure to be observant of your surroundings!  

Winston's experience brings our stopped pick-pocket total in Rome to 17! We've posted a screenshot of the review below.

September 19, 2017

55th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Prague Pick-Pocket Prevented!

Czech Republic ›   Europe ›   Prague ›  

Editor's Note: We always consider ourselves lucky to get pictures with our testimonials. If you look closeley at the top image, the man in the striped shirt on the right was part of the team that attempted to pick Donald's pocket.

Email #1

Dear Clothing Arts,

I usually am attentive and so although I have seen pickpockets set their sights on others to this point I had not been a victim. But heading towards the Charles Bridge in Prague I was looking at my phone checking directions for a site on the other side of the bridge and I had the purportedly accidental bump from a young man with a map in his hand as an excuse and a partner nearby for the expected hand off. However, the best he could do was get under the rear flap where he met the resistance of the zipper in my pick-pocket proof pants. My wife thought it an accident but I knew better and exclaimed so and they scattered away no doubt looking for a less clothing prepared victim.

- Donald from California, USA

Email #2

Dear Adam,

We did not take many photos in Prague because we have been there before. This street scene is where the attempt took place and you can see the fellow in the striped shirt to the right. He was the person who expected the get the hand off. The actual pick-pocket had turned around and was out of sight by the time I got the camera on the phone working. Both turned around and went back the way they came on opposite sides of the street. The second photo shows me similarly distracted but at a different place and time. It looks like one pocket is ajar but I assure you my valuables were carefully secured.

- Donald from California, USA

September 07, 2017

54th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Roman Thief Thwarted on the Metro!

Europe ›   Italy ›   Rome ›  

Editor's Note: Sometimes our testimonials are short and sweet. This is our 16th stop in Rome and our 6 stop on a Roman Metro train!

Dear Clothing Arts,

While on the subway in Rome, three weeks ago, it was very crowded and lots of jostling. When the crowd thinned I found both zippers unzipped but my wallet was secured in the inner pocket and no loss.

I've had these pants for about 3 years and am really happy with them. Excellent customer service as well.

Jim from California, USA

August 29, 2017

53rd Stopped Pick-Pocket: One Night on the Champs-Élysées

Europe ›   France ›   Paris ›  

Editor's Note: This testimonial is a special one. We received an email a few weeks ago from Eugene, a traveler who said, "I've been meaning to write this story down for years, but I've been very busy!!" The story that follows is an in-depth recording of Eugene's experience of being wrapped up in a local Parisian football rally. Luckily for him, he was wearing our pants. Luckily for us, he an amateur photographer and captured some amazing shots from the scene that we now get to share with you all. This is also our 11th stop in Paris! Here's what he said:

Dear Clothing Arts, 

On May 13, 2013, I walked over to the Champs-Élysées to take some pictures and hopefully practice my French. I was living in Paris at the time and my French teacher told me that the sun would set through the middle of the Arc de Triomphe that night. She knew I was an amateur photographer and gave me some homework. She told me to go and photograph the sunset on the Champs-Élysées and, at the same time, try practicing my French.

I positioned myself in a good spot in the middle of the Champs-Élysées just behind a traffic light pole. Within a few minutes, other photographers gathered around me to photograph this twice-a-year phenomenon. But something was not quite right. Cars began to wildly honk their horns and soon a roar of people could be heard. There were groups of marchers shouting and waving flags. Some began to light flares and the sound of police sirens and shattering glass could be heard. Trying to practice my French, I understood that an official celebration for the local soccer team, Paris Saint-Germain, has just been broken up by police at the Trocadero plaza after having devolved into violent hooliganism. Paris Saint-Germain had just won its first French league title in 19 years. Their team included soccer superstars David Beckham and Zlatan Ibrahimović. I later learned that over 800 officers were called out and 30 people were injured along with 21 arrested.

Forced out of Trocadero, part of this raucous crowd turned up on the Champs-Élysées. Many were upset at not having had the chance to see and applaud their team when the celebration was abruptly canceled due to security concerns. I was soon in the middle of this crowd without really comprehending what was going on. Some were clearly ecstatic and celebratory, while others were clearly angry and upset. Police were unable to control the team’s fans. Cars and motorcycles were soon going in both directions on both sides of the street while groups of marchers disrupted traffic. A police van drove by with a hand extended from an open window dispensing pepper spray. The crowd surged toward my position. I made sure my camera’s wrist strap was snug in case someone tried to grab it from me. The crowd pressed all around us. It was impossible to move. I felt someone trying to grab my wallet, but I knew they would fail, my wallet was safely zipped and buttoned inside my Pick-Pocket Proof Pants. The photographer next to me had his watch stolen right off his wrist as he protected his expensive camera. In the end, I got some good photos and, thanks to my Pick-Pocket Proof Pants, would-be thieves were thwarted.

-Eugene from Virginia, USA

August 21, 2017

52nd Stopped Pick-Pocket: Pick-Pocket Proof Shirt Saves Paris Vacation!

Europe ›   France ›   Paris ›  

Dear Clothing Arts, 

One more story about pickpockets being thwarted. We just returned from Paris last night, where we were accosted a few days earlier on the street by a small group of young women holding petition sign-up sheets on clipboards. We were emphatic about not being interested, but one of the women got right up to my chest and shoved the clipboard against me. I immediately felt her fingers in my right shirt pocket, underneath the clipboard, caught the fingers, and pulled them out. My credit card was safe in the zippered part of the pocket. I bought the pants and two of the shirts, and wore them the whole time we traveled -- and this event made me very glad I had the extra security I had always wished I had but didn't really know how to accomplish. Now I know! Thanks to Clothing Arts, and now I'm a confirmed user.

- Raymond from California, USA

July 26, 2017

51st Stopped Pick-Pocket: Paris Marathon Marauder Stopped On Metro!

Europe ›   France ›   Paris ›  

Dear Clothing Arts,

In March of this year (2017), we spent two weeks in France. Since I was concerned over the pick-pocket warnings, I bought two pairs of your pants; one pair of the adventure and one of the business. While in Paris, we were with a group of about twenty. It was the day of the Paris Marathon and the Metro was packed. We were packed in like sardines. I was hanging on to one of the poles and my wife was hanging on to my arm. I felt a tug at my left front pocket. I immediately asked my wife if her other hand was hanging on to my belt. She said ‘No’ and I said loudly, ‘Someone just tried to pick my pocket!’ I reached down and found the button undone, but the zipper was intact. There was a man standing directly behind me and he was jammed up against me. He tried looking away. Me and my wife just stared at him until we got off at the next stop. There were also two young French girls clutching their purses to their chests. They also started staring at him. I had been warned by my local guide that the #1 line was the most popular Metro for thieves. I was saved but, unfortunately, one of the other men in our group lost his wallet to a pick-pocket at Charles de Gaul Airport. Two other ladies were also pick-pocketed. They got one lady’s wallet and another lady in our group had her whole purse snatched. I am so fortunate that your pants saved me the time and aggravation of being a victim. I am so impressed that I plan on ordering a couple of more pairs and some for my wife, as well. Then she won't have to carry a purse.

- Fred, Texas, USA

July 06, 2017

50th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Peterhof Palace Pick-Pocket Prevented!

Europe ›   Russia ›   St. Petersburg ›  

Dear Clothing Arts,

Your Adventure Travel pants stopped a pick-pocket at the Peterhof in St. Petersburg, Russia. My husband was wearing your pants and had his wallet in the large square cargo pocket on his lower thigh. He was so absorbed with taking the perfect shot of the Palace that he did not notice a young woman standing next to him who managed to get the two buttons of the pocket undone before she was noticed by someone standing nearby who sounded the alarm. She did not get the zipper opened before the alarm was sounded, and thus the wallet was saved. Its dangerous to think that the pants are totally ‘pickpocket proof.’ My husband should not have had his wallet in that lower pocket but he thought it was safe because he had on ‘pickpocket proof pants.’ However, the combination of buttons and zippers made the process of getting at his wallet time consuming enough to allow detection.

- Debra, Wisconsin, USA

June 20, 2017

49th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Pockets Stay Secure On St. Petersburg Metro!

Europe ›   Russia ›   St. Petersburg ›  

Dear Clothing Arts,

We visited Russia about two years ago. Despite warnings that it was a pick-pocket haven, it was one of the most delightful trips we have ever taken. My level of mental comfort was aided in no small part by the Pick-Pocket Proof pants that I wore every day. Their value really came into play when I went down into the St. Petersburg subway (I'm a big transit fan and use the public transit systems wherever we visit). I was standing on the platform waiting for a train with two men directly in front of me. The train pulled into the station, the two men got on in front of me, then immediately turned around and exited, one on each side of me. They brushed both my side pockets on their way out. I knew immediately what had happened and also knew immediately that they were unsuccessful. Thanks Pick-Pocket Proof pants!

- Richard, Illinois, USA

June 02, 2017

48th Stopped Pick-Pocket: ANOTHER Pick-Pocket Prevented On Paris Metro

Europe ›   France ›   Paris ›  

Dear Clothing Arts,

I have had my pockets picked twice in Europe, once in the Netherlands and once in Paris. I was looking for a pair of pick-pocket-proof pants for my 2017 trip to Paris and purchased a pair of Clothing Arts pants for the trip. On April 18th in the Paris Metro, a person attempted to pick my pockets. My wife watched him and he saw her watching and he still proceeded. We got off of the Metro at the next stop, not ours, and as I was leaving the car I felt a tug on my pants, reached down, pulled the arm, and bent the fingers I found as far back as I could. What I should have done is pulled the arm attached to the fingers such that they would get caught in the door. Doors on French Metro cars do not open as elevator doors in the U.S. Once starting to close they do not reopen for an arm. Needless to say, the pants stopped the pick-pocket although the button on the strap was open. So he got that far. I understand this incident is #48 overall and #8 in Paris. I highly commend ClothingArts for designing a tremendous product that is pick pocket proof as well as being extremely well made and comfortable. I highly recommend the product to anyone who travels.

- Gil, Pennsylvania, USA

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