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April 05, 2013

1st Stopped Pick-Pocket: Roman Children Attempt Theft On The Metro


We were in the subway in Rome and the girls came up next to me and attempted to get into my pockets. There were 3 children, approx 10 years old. They moved my shirt away from my pants and attempted to get into the right side of my pants.

Since I had the zipper closed and the flap over it, they couldn't' get it. As they were trying to get into my pockets, other people on the train noticed that something was happening. A local Italian man yelled and one of the ladies from my tour group also noticed what was going on. This happened right as we were pulling into a station right after the people yelled. The doors opened and the three children ran right out of the train like they were shot out of a cannon!

You know there's no way there were getting in my pants!

- Edna from Florida

April 02, 2013

Feeling Protected On My Trip To Europe

Len in Madrid

Dear Clothing Arts:

I got my P^Cubed pants the night before I left for two months in Europe including a two week cruise in the Mediterranean.

The best news is that I didn't get pick pocketed anywhere as did several of my fellow cruise mates, mostly in Naples.

While one must be always vigilant in crowds, I was able to enjoy the sights and stroll the streets without constantly being worried about losing important documents and money. That alone makes these pants worth the cost.


PS: Only the Street Sweeper in Plaza del Ángel in Madrid has more pickpocket proof pants!

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