Travel Inspiration Becomes Travel Innovation™

Developed by travelers for travelers, we at Clothing Arts push the boundaries of established travel wear. Designed for the mind and the body - our clothes will change the way you look at what you wear. Our two founding principles and five + years of travel experience have lead to two very innovative lines of clothing; both equally at home walking the streets of your hometown or one halfway across the world! Clothing Arts was born on a bus in Cambodia somewhere between Phnom Penh and Kampong Thom in late 2007. Inspired by the incredible beauty of the Asian countries around us: outwardly harsh and inwardly beautiful China; welcomingly modern yet traditionally centered Korea; chaotic yet effortless Vietnam; the duality that is Cambodia – home to arguably the best and worst of humanity's creations. After a year spent on the road, we decided that if no one was making the travel clothes that we wanted & needed, we would do it ourselves. From a simple idea, Clothing Arts has now put 100,000+ pants into the world and stopped 70+ pick-pocket attempts.