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Pick-Pocket Proof™ Women's Travel Pants


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  • New for 2016: We are proud to release our newly upgraded Women's Travel Pants!

    Next Generation Women's Travelwear - Designed to fuse the form of Urbanwear with the function of Outerwear!

    • Select your level of security based on your surroundings. The safety of multiple money-belts with none of the hassle. Your items are stored right at your fingertips, behind buttons & zipper closures vs in money-belts, underneath your clothes.

    • Unique pocket-in-pocket design features 6 hidden, multi-secure pockets:  4 in the front pockets, 1 in the left cargo pocket (sized for your passport) & 1 in the rear right pocket. Spread your cash, credit / ATM cards around your person vs stored in one, easily stolen place!

    100% Nature-Like™ Nylon: the look & feel of Cotton with all the benefits of Nylon: wrinkle-free, quick-dry, lightweight, moisture-wicking & breathable plus water & stain resistance. 4 season weight material - wearable from 90+°F to below freezing in one pair of pants!

    Free RFID blocking Credit / ATM card sleeve with each pair. Protects against digital pick-pockets! Order more here.

    Adjustable waists reduce down to half sizes. If you prefer a curvy fit, size up and adjust the waist down for additional room in the hips & thigh.

    • Roll-up legs convert to capri for warm weather wear.

    • We use only YKK zippers: the worlds highest quality zipper with the ability to self repair if necessary.


  • Front Pockets: unique zippered pockets function like standard side seam pockets.

    • Adding an extra level of functionality to traditional pockets, an inverted zipper is used for extra security. This also prevents objects from inadvertently falling out of your pockets while traveling.

    Dual side, “invisible” zipper secured hidden pockets designed to fit smartphone/credit & ATM cards. These are two of the four multi-secure pockets built into each pair of pants.

    Full size Velcro secure second pockets are designed to be completely unseen. You'll know that they're there, but the pick-pocket won't.

    • Clothing Arts universal front pocket design ensures both righties and lefties get the full function out of their garment.

  • Cargo Pockets: dual gusset pockets are designed to be low profile.

    • Left side cargo pocket layers a button flap closure with a second zipper secure pocket sized specifically for your passport. This is the third multi-secure pockets in the design.

    • Cargo pockets feature center and side gussets that expand the volume of the pocket as needed.

    Rear Pockets: appear to be standard patch pockets on both sides.

    • Right side hides the fourth multi-secure pocket-in-pocket designed specifically to carry credit / ATM cards.

  • Clothing Arts 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

    At Clothing Arts, we work to create the worlds finest travelwear. Our clothes combine the utility and durability of outerwear with the comfort and styling of urban wear. Designed for life on and off the road, we guarantee your complete satisfaction when our pants/shirts arrive at your door. If you are not happy with the design or fit for any reason, ship the unworn pants with tags still attached back to us and we will refund the cost of the pants/shirts.

  • Women's Travel Pants - "Great For: Places where pickpocketing is a real concern. Since they're wrinkle resistant and quick drying, they're ideal for the rigors of travel."

  • Women's Travel Pants: Gift Guide - "Foil pickpockets: Wear Clothing Arts' Pˆcubed Pick-Pocket Proof Pants and thieves won't get their sticky fingers on your travel essentials."

  • Women's Travel Pants: The Only Adventure Travel Pants You Will Ever Need - "I can attest to the fact that I may never travel in any other pants ever again. I’m ashamed to admit how often I wore these pants.”

  • Women's Travel Pants: "Out of the box, I enjoyed playing with all the cool anti-pick-pocket features. Like the men’s pant, the women’s version is made of soft nylon that repels stains and is water resistant.”

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