Pick-Pocket Proof® Convertible Travel Pants


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Travel Ultra Light with Two Garments in One: All the security and organization of the Adventure Pants + climate control.

This versatile design includes Adventure Pants and Shorts in one stylish garment. Boldly travel all terrains and temperatures comfortably and securely. Convertible Pants have all the Pick-Pocket Proof™ pockets of our adventure pants; there's a place for everything you want to carry. And for warm weather travel, zip off the legs and journey forward without missing a beat. The leg zipper is hugged between soft Nature-Like Nylon so as to never irritate your legs.



  • 11 Total multi-secure pockets: 5 triple secure & 6 double secure
  • 2 Double secure, zipper-secured hip pockets
  • 2 Triple secure, hidden Velcro pockets
  • 2 Triple secure, hidden smartphone/ credit card pockets (right and left side)
  • 2 Slash-resistant, double secure, expandable back pockets
  • 1 Triple-secure, hidden passport pocket (rear left)
  • 2 Slash-resistant, double secure cargo pockets with hidden snap closure.
  • Converts to 11.5" shorts 
  • Button-secured zipper guard
  • Teflon™ Shield Plus coating for stain and water resistance
  • YKK zippers (top of the line, self-repairing zippers)
  • Lightweight (22 oz)
  • Adjustable waist
  • Pre-washed for added comfort
  • Water resistant
  • Stain resistant
  • UPF 50+

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Glen N
Northbrook, Illinois

Great for the trip, or just everyday!

I am starting to use your pants for everyday use at home they are comfortable, convenient, etc. I have also ordered about 10 shirts, and about 4 shorts that I have gotten already and my family (using their own emails) have ordered many items from you. Don't let your head get swollen, but your products are great ! ! ! As there are several pockets in the pants, including different pockets within pockets. there is a short learning curve, and as i used them, I developed a system of what goes in what pocket, and it becomes second nature to get to the various items; almost like different file drawers, some with more security than others, and some with even more security. For example, I put my battery pack for the phone in the bottom pocket less value, less security. I put my normal wallet- with some local currency in the normal front zippered pocket. Fair security, but that wallet is almost expendable, so I lose a little foreign currency, and an old wallet easy to replace. Yet, even in that one zippered pocket (with added button security), it is still safe. Then i put a credit card or atm card in the little zippered pocket within the zippered pocket with the button down which is harder for me to get to, and impossible for any pickpocket to get to. You can develop you own system to your likes and comfort.

Alabama, USA

Peace Of Mind!

Okay, I just got back from my trip to South Africa, Zimbabwe & Botswana. There are reportedly lots of issues with Johannesburg and Cape Town. Zimbabwe can also be tricky. I used the Clothing Arts pants and carried my passport with me at all times safely secured in the back pocket (yes it did get slightly bent, no big deal). Wallet/cash secured in another zippered pocket. No incidences occurred but I did have peace of mind. Also, for an 18-day trip I carried only these convertible pants plus a pair of shorts. They were easy to wash. My wife also used her pair.

Washington D.C., USA

Pretty Much the Only Pair of Pants I Wear Anywhere

Internationally: They were especially useful in Prague and Paris! No pick-pocket attempts were made -- I think the pants were effective as a deterrent. I also took them all over Germany, including tourist hot-spots like Heidelberg. In October, they're going with me all over Eastern Europe, including Transylvania and Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, and Hungary. They will certainly give me peace of mind! Domestically: I took them to New Orleans last week and didn't worry at all about my belongings while in the French Quarter. I also wear them all the time at home in Washington DC. While I'm not worried about pick pockets here, they do provide assurance that my phone or keys won't accidentally fall out of my pocket, like at a festival or while driving, etc. I love these pants! It helps that they're comfortable and look good too. I have 5 pairs right now (including 2 cotton ones that are about 3 years old I keep patching) and plan to order a few more pairs soon.

Jim H.
Loveland, CO

Good day!

I'm writing this from Uganda which we visit at least twice a year for our nonprofit organization called Thinkhumanity . I purchased two pairs of your trousers , and have a bunch of other pairs of pants that I packed. Now I find myself wearing only the CA trousers. These pants are amazing and I don't know why I would ever wear anything else,whilst in the field. We are required to carry multiple currencies, documents for borders and our passports, along with a phone and other needful things. The quality of the pants easily convert to shorts, when needed. The zippers are solid and don't jam up. It's like wearing a secured "purse", with style! Why do I take the time to write about this? Because this is one of the best products I've yet to see. They are perfect, comfortable on long international flights, and give you the needed peace of mind when packing ones ' life support systems!' When walking downtown Kampala, I finally have a solution to my stress. When boarding a long flight, I can sleep comfortably knowing my stuff is secure. And they even look good! When I return to the states later on this month, this loyal customer will be making additional purchases. My plan for my next trip to Uganda will only require CA products for sure! They also laundry well and look fine after one week of solid and rough use, especially whilst in the bush visiting with our teams. (...if only they could laundry themselves, then they truly would be 100% perfect!) Jim H.

Pennsylvania, USA

Leave The Back Pack At Home!

I loaded my pockets. Discovered to my amazement that I can carry all I need in the pants and can leave a back pack at home. Very soft fabric, lightweight and comfortable, even with my pockets loaded. Kudos on the thoughtful touch to add buttons to snug pants for a good fit.

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