Press Reviews: Pick-Pocket Proof®️ Clothing In The News

  • chicago tribune review
    Chicago Tribune - USA

    Adventure Travel Pants: There are six exterior pockets ... [a]nd they're all secure. You'll feel so emboldened, you'll want to wander through a crowd of grabby street urchins.

  • zoom new york times image
    New York Times - USA

    Making Sure Your Valuables Stay Yours - “Beneath the left rear pocket is another hidden [pocket] with a covered zipper for your passport and money.”

  • washington post pick pocket proof
    Washington Post - USA

    There’s safety in zippers: My top picks for foiling pickpockets: "If you’re traveling somewhere for adventure this summer, you’ll want to pack these accessories."

  • forbes review img
    Forbes - USA

    Best Pickpocket-Proof Clothing For The Serious Traveler: "The P^Cubed Travel Pants look like the khakis I wear normally except these are like a CIA version."

  • zoom chicago tribune image
    Chicago Tribune - USA

    Men's Travel Shirts: "I thought the secret pockets were all that would qualify this as a travel shirt, but it turned out to be a versatile piece of clothing that was amazingly resistant to wrinkles.”

  • practical travel gear img
    Practical Travel Gear

    Adventure Travel Pants: "[P^cubed] can replace a lot of under-clothing security accessories and they’re built to last you decades of solid use.”

  • zoom usa today

    Women's Travel Pants: Gift Guide - "Foil pickpockets: Wear Clothing Arts' Pˆcubed Pick-Pocket Proof Pants and thieves won't get their sticky fingers on your travel essentials."

  • zoom huffington post
    Huffington Post - USA

    "Get some pickpocket-proof pants: These little babies have triple-secure pockets to foil any thief. AND they're made from wrinkle-free nylon. What more could you want?!"

  • maxim cubed jacket review

    "THIS MIGHT BE THE ULTIMATE TRAVEL JACKET: It's got pretty much everything you need."

  • cubed travel jacket review 2

    "Made from eVent fabric, the Cubed isn't just waterproof and breathable, but it has an understated look that blends in on a New York City sidewalk. Smart design features—higher napoleon pockets and a pouch for a passport—earn bonus points."

  • frommers pants review
    Frommers - USA

    Defend Against Travel Mishaps with These Safety Products: "Clothing Arts are designed to make you look like a proper businessperson instead of Indiana Jones or a fly fisherman."

  • daily mail uk
    Daily Mail - UK

    The Clothes That Help Beat Pickpockets: "With a host of zips, velcro strips and flaps to 'double lock' your pockets, these trousers are ideal for touring around cities."

  • usatoday review
    USA Today - USA

    "Invest in clothing designed to foil thieves, such as Clothing Arts' ingenious Pick-Pocket Proof Pants."

  • zoom pants image
    San Francisco Chronicle: USA

    Adventure Travel Pants: "P-cubed Adventure Traveler Pants by Clothing Arts don't fit the baggy, saggy nylon pajamas stereotype; the cut, styling and feel are closer to a comfortable pair of khakis."

  • yahoo travel review
    Yahoo Travel - USA

    Women's Travel Pants: The Only Adventure Travel Pants You Will Ever Need - "I can attest to the fact that I may never travel in any other pants ever again. I’m ashamed to admit how often I wore these pants.”

  • womens travel pants img
    Practical Travel Gear - USA

    Women's Travel Pants: "Out of the box, I enjoyed playing with all the cool anti-pick-pocket features. Like the men’s pant, the women’s version is made of soft nylon that repels stains and is water resistant.”

  • zoom smarter travel
    Smarter Travel - USA

    Women's Travel Pants - "Great For: Places where pickpocketing is a real concern. Since they're wrinkle resistant and quick drying, they're ideal for the rigors of travel."

  • zoom travel shirts
    Practical Travel Gear - USA

    Men's Travel Shirts: "Want to have the advantages of one of those travel wallets that hang around your neck without the neck thing? The pockets on this Pickpocket Proof Shirt will keep your valuables next to you and safe.”

  • zoom ny times
    International Herald Tribune

    "Ways to Outsmart the Pickpockets - “Beneath the left rear pocket is another hidden [pocket] with a covered zipper for your passport and money."

  • zoom chronicle business traveler
    San Francisco Chronicle: USA

    Business Travel Pants: It's one thing for utilitarian "travel pants" - the rugged, heavily pocketed cargo trousers for trekking in Bhutan - to have plenty of ways to keep your cash, cards and documents safe. It's another to get the same security with slacks you would wear in a swanky Paris bistro.

  • zoom houston chronicle
    Houston Chronicle - USA

    Business Travel Pants - Great Gifts For Travelers: "Clothing Arts' Pick-Pocket Proof Business Traveler Pants are lightweight, stylish trousers made of "Nature-Like Nylon" that don't have bulky cargo pockets but do have all the zippers and buttons necessary to keep your belongings where they belong."

  • zoom gadling review
    Gadling - USA

    "When paired with one another, the shirt and pants look smart together. Clothing Arts has designed a set of clothes that look great out and about in town or traveling to the ends of the Earth. No matter where you go, the P-Cubed shirt and pants will see you through your adventure and keep you looking good in the process. What more could you ask for from your travel apparel?"