February 14, 2019

106th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Marrakesh Market Hand Shake!

Editors Note: This is your third confirmed stop in Morocco and first in Marrakesh!

Dear Clothing Arts,

Marrakesh is a very fast paced city when you think about shopping in the souks and walking Jemaa el-Fna (market square). At night the market becomes alive and packed with people exploring the food and juice stalls, watching exotic street performers, listening to musicians, and getting tattoos from the tattoo artists. With this, there are also people targeting tourists, not only to pressure them to eat at their food stalls but also trying to pickpocket them. Going to the market square with my friend was quite an overwhelming experience.

When we first got there, we started walking on the outsides of the square to get our bearings and soak it all in from afar. Taking one big lap around, we see possible stalls we want to check out in the middle of the market. This was a big mistake as touts and promoters of certain food stalls would come up to us and encourage us to look at their menu. They would physically put their hands on us to try to guide us to their open seats. I pretended to be Barry Sanders as I juked and spin-moved away from them.

Finally, at the end of a row, we were cornered by a few touts. One of them grabbed my hand to shake and placed his other hand on my shoulder to hold me there. As he squeezed my hand as hard as he could, I started to laugh. I’m laughing because I know this is a setup and I feel someone try to open up my flap closure on my right front pocket. As I look down, I see a hand from behind me disappear. I’ve just thwarted a pickpocket attempt of my iPhone and I tell my friend to get the hell out of there. We pull some swim moves and get out of the mess to the safety of a rooftop terrace to survey the square. Looking down, I’m grateful to have the pick-pocket proof pants, as I always keep my wallet (left pocket) and iPhone (right pocket) on the inside pocket protected by the zipper, plus, the outside zipper AND the flap closure. Triple security always ensures the pickpockets lose.

- Stephen E. from New York, USA

February 07, 2019

105th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Rome Metro Full Contact Pick-Pocket Prevented!

Editor's Note: This testimonial came from a recent ***** review and is your 22nd stopped pick-pocket in Rome!

Dear Clothing Arts,

My order was back-ordered for about 8 weeks, but it was worth the wait. The color and fabric are awesome. It was everything I expected and wished for. I am a world traveler performing quality audits all over the world and have my share of pick-pocket attempts. The most recent one in Rome, Italy while on the train. A girl just made full body contact and that was enough to tell her to "Get away, don't touch me."

By this time I noticed she had already opened my pocket zipper on my pants. With your clever zipper design opening from the bottom up, that will immediately pose resistance in addition to the other safety features. I am truly happy with my purchase and can't wait till the next frustrated pick-pocket. I will order additional pants from you guys.

- Anthony A from California, USA

January 22, 2019

104th Stopped Pick-Pocket: iPhone Saved on Paris M4 Metro!

Editors Note: This is your 18th stopped pick-pocket in Paris!
Dear Clothing Arts,
Who knew? Just arrived in Paris Gare Du Nord and took the M4 subway. It was packed. Standing, I felt my front right zipper being tugged. Not thinking about pickpockets, I put my hand there and looked - sure enough, a man with a jacket draped over his hand to obscure it was going for my pocket.
I purchased the pants more so that my phone and wallet wouldn't fall out of my pockets, but this made me happy. I'm writing this from my iPhone that I almost lost... thanks!
- Doug R. from New York, USA.

January 14, 2019

103rd Stopped Pick-Pocket: Naples Port of Call Save with Photo!

Dear Clothing Arts,
I was taking a picture near the cruise port in Naples and my wife was at my right side. I felt a very slight tug at my pocket and checked it. The button was open and nothing more.
Very happy to have those pants!
This is the photo I was taking when the pick-pocket attempt occurred.
- Roy R. from Michigan, USA

January 10, 2019

2018 Honorable Mention Round Up!

Not Quite a Stopped Pick-Pocket, Not Quite a Typical Travel Day...

Editor's Note: Sometimes pick-pockets and would be pick-pockets are simply deterred by our travelwear and not actually caught red-handed. We refer to these as honorable mentions. Here are our honorable mentions for 2018.

Venice Pick-Pocket Proof Pocket Admirers!

Dear Clothing Arts,
Prior to our trip from California to Italy, I purchased 3 pairs of Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof Pants. I wore them everywhere as I felt secure and they were very comfortable.
I was traveling in Venice on a Vaporetto (water bus) on my way to the train station from my hotel. I was obviously a tourist as I had my luggage and a backpack with me. The Vaporetto was very crowded with people standing very close to each other, which was prime for pick-pockets.  
I looked over at two young men standing next to me and they were speaking Italian which I didn't understand, but I did understand they were talking about me when one of the men nodded to the other then he pointed to my pants. He said (in Italian) something then pulled his shirt down to cover his pockets. They both laughed. He pointed to me and my pants and shook his head to his friend. They both laughed again.
While there was no attempt at being pickpocketed, I believe the appearance of these pants stopped any potential attempt. I'm sure these guys have done this before.
A couple of days later I was entering the Ufizzi Gallery in Florence. Security scanned me and said, "what's in your pocket?". After opening the clasp, the zipper and the Velcro ( and slowing down the line), I pulled out my wallet. She then asked what was in my other pocket, and I told her it was another wallet for my US dollars. She didn't want me to go through the same slow process so she just rolled her eyes and waved me through.
The pants are great and comfortable, but one has to remember to use all the safety features...keep them on the inside pocket protected by either Velcro or the zipper plus use the outside zipper AND the flap closure.
- Bill W . from California, USA.
Mexico City Maybe Bump and Grabs!
Dear Clothing Arts,
I felt ‘bumped’ in crowds in Mexico City a few times. I cannot know for certain if they were robbery attempts, but I was glad to have my traveling pants on.
- Dana K. from Florida, USA.

December 27, 2018

102nd Stopped Pick-Pocket: Not Your Regular Cinque Terre Train Stop!

Dear Clothing Arts,

It just occurred to me that when my wife and I went on a month long vacation to France and Italy in 2017, I wore my Clothing Arts pants much of the time. While we had no issues in Paris or France, I did have an experience on the train from Santa Margherita/Rapallo to Cinque Terre. During one passage from an intermediate stop, the train was fairly packed, and I felt someone brush up against my hip. I did not think much of it at the time, but later when I got off, I found my pocket on that side had the zipper opened almost halfway. I was very grateful that nothing happened. This was October 2017. I had ordered pants and shorts for the trip; the pants arrived on time, but alas the shorts did not. Still have used the shorts later, here in the US, but look forward to our next travel adventure. LOVE the quality construction
David K from Oregon, USA.

December 18, 2018

100th & 101st Stopped Pick-Pockets: Paris Metro Team of Four Double Stop!

Editors Note: This is your 17th stopped pick-pocket in Paris and milestone 100th (and 101st!) known stop since Pick-Pocket Proof Travelwear started shipping around the world!

Dear Clothing Arts,

I was boarding the Paris metro near Notre Dame Cathedral with my wife and two friends the last week of September. Four males all converged at the boarding gate with one large male purposely trying to cram us all together as we boarded the train even though there were not that many people on the train. So I had a pickpocket on either side of me trying to get through the pants pockets. After about a minute I figured out what was going on and stepped away from them both.

The one on my right had managed to unbutton the strap but failed to get the zipper down. The man on my left failed completely. At the next stop, we all exited and these clowns quickly vanished looking for easier prey. Even local Parisians who were sitting on the train approached us after and asked if we realized that they were trying to pickpocket me. I’ve owned these pants for over a year and this is the first time I really had a chance to put them to use.

Thanks Clothing Arts!

Paul B. from California, USA

December 13, 2018

99th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Barcelona Investment Pays Off!

Editors Note: This your 10th stopped pick-pocket in Barcelona and comes to us via a recent review.

Rating: ★★★★★
Item: Adventure Traveler Pants

"I bought these for a trip to Barcelona because of many warnings about pickpockets. A pickpocket attempted to take my wallet and was foiled. They were a good investment."

December 11, 2018

98th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Train Tested, Traveler Approved!

Editors Note: This stopped pick-pocket came via a recent review, location unknown.

Rating: ★★★★★
Item: Adventure Traveler Pants

"These pants have given me the confidence that what’s in my pockets will still be there when I get the hotel. They were tested on a train this week. The person was trying to open a pocket, but I looked down because the situation felt uncomfortable. The 'hidden' attempt stopped immediately, and the person walked away. Nothing was disturbed, nothing open. That also means no quick entry for me, either."

December 06, 2018

97th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Bali International "Grab" & Bump!

​Editor's Note: This is your first stop in Indonesia.

Dear Clothing Arts,

I was very anxious to get your shorts prior to my trip to Bali, Indonesia. Thankfully they arrived right before my departure. I traveled from LAX to Hong Kong to Bali International. I felt so much more secure and confident with my belongings wearing your clothing right from the very start of my trip. It was on my trip back from Bali to the US where I had a particularly uncomfortable encounter. You think Bali, the land of yoga and meditation and peace, but their airport is one of the worst I’ve seen. I was waiting in the security line where this guy does a full body press on me. I thought he wanted a piggyback ride or something.

I turn around and he acts like everything’s normal. Well, I’ve got all my money, wallet, and passport buried deep in my pockets, zipped, buttoned, secured. I check everything after my bodycheck from this guy and everything was good. What this guy’s intentions were I can’t be positive, but I was very glad to have your shorts on.  

I love these shorts so much, I immediately ordered a second pair (and now I’ve ordered the cubed travel jacket as well). The quality is great, but the peace of mind is possibly even better.  

Thanks for a great product!

Tom W. from California, USA ​


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