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August 10, 2023

238th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Hit By A Pick-Pocket Outside The Vatican Museum!

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Editor's Note: This is your 37th known stopped pick-pocket in Rome and came to us via a Facebook comment.

June 23, 2023

235th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Asked For Directions By A Roman Pick-Pocket!

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Editor's Note: This is your 36th known stopped pick-pocket in Rome!

Dear Clothing Arts,
Here is my pickpocket story. Fortunately, it was pretty boring 😊.
I had my first-ever pickpocket attempt experience. I was boarding the metro in Rome. After just boarding the train car, this young lady blocked my way from going further into the train. She appeared like a regular commuter and not a gypsy. She asked me in Italian if she was on the right train line. This is ridiculous because I obviously look like a tourist.
I said I didn’t know in English and tried to get by her, but she blocked my way and asked again. I tried to move away again, and that’s when I noticed she had 2 other ladies joining her. I felt a hand around my pocket. I yelled, “Hey!!!!” and forced my way past them. They were probably stunned when I yelled at them, but they quickly got off the train.
Fortunately, I had convertible pants from Clothing Arts. The zipper and button to my pocket were secure, and the pickpocket got nothing.
Thanks, Clothing Arts!
David H from Winter Park, Florida

January 19, 2023

222nd Stopped Pick-Pocket: "You Didn't Get What You Were Looking For" In Rome!

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Editor's Note: This is your 35th known stopped pick-pocket in Rome!

Dear Clothing Arts,

I recently purchased your Pick-Pocket Proof Adventure Travel Pants for my vacation to Europe. I want to report a successful pick-pocket stop at the Metro in Rome, which occurred on June 14th.

While in Rome, I boarded the red-line train at the Metro Termini (Train Central Station) to head back to my hotel. The train was mostly full but had a little bit of room to move. I was standing near a door when the train departed. Two women about 25 years old, both dressed in a white Polo with a green collar and green sleeves, approached me, speaking English with a strong Austrian accent. One woman stood on my left side, out of view, while the second one asked me several questions about what direction the train was going and if she was on the right train. She asked if a specific stop was part of the route.

As I turned left to look at the route map over the door, the second woman moved behind me and to my right side. I took a slight step right and felt her hand near my front pocket. Upon feeling that, I checked my pockets to find that the front zipper had been zipped up to under the button flap for both front pockets. The button had not been undone on either side, and the inner zipper remained unzipped. I had my phone in my left front pocket and my wallet and passport in my right front pocket all behind the inner zipper, and lost nothing. I then turned to the women and said, "you didn't get what you were looking for, did you?" They both looked at me in disgust and moved on.

This was at the beginning of my vacation, and the Pick-Pocket Proof Adventure Travel Pants saved a lot of frustration and money. Thank you for making such a great product. They are well worth the investment!

Best regards,

Todd T. from Sioux Falls, South Dakota​

December 13, 2022

218 & 219th Stopped Pick-Pockets: Double Stops On Notorious Roman Buses!!

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Editor's Note: This is your 33rd & 34th known stopped pick-pockets in Rome! Pick-pocketing is a silent crime and Derek's experience below highlights how easy it is for a pick-pocket to attempt a theft on crowded public transport. Zippered pockets don't move themselves, and combined with Derek's location at the time (a bus in Rome) we have two successful stopped pick-pockets by a single traveler. The pick-pockets noticed that Derek's pants were more secure than everyone else's on the bus, so they simply moved on to the next target. Here is Derek's testimonial...

Dear Clothing Arts,

We have just returned from Italy. While traveling through Rome, we decided to take public transportation. I wore your shorts everywhere.

While riding the bus, I made a point of buttoning the side flap over the front pocket zippers. The buses were crowded, and people were bumping into each other as I stood. On two separate occasions, when I got off the bus, I noticed the zipper had been raised to the height of that flap. I can’t say for certain someone tried to pick-pocket me, but the zipper never raised up on its own any time I wore the shorts.

Afterward, I noticed the little opening at the bottom of the zipper to tuck the zipper head into. From that point forward, I had no further issues, even while riding the bus.  

I have to say, I had never felt more confident walking around Rome. My family’s passports were all in the inner zipper pocket on one side, my wallet in the other side, inner zipper. I kept a small amount of pocket cash for cabs, snacks, etc. in the main part of the pocket, and the credit card I used throughout the trip inside the inner velcroed pocket.    

I work in the film business, and many of my film friends travel to countries with high rates of theft. I have told everyone I know about these shorts.  

Derek K from Pennsylvania

January 27, 2022

195th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Rome Metro Encounter with a Duo of Pick-Pockets!

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Editor's Note: This is your 32nd stopped pick-pocket in Rome and came to us by way of a Facebook message. Jeff L. from Brewster, New York and has worn both his Adventure & Business Traveler Pants since 2017.

December 05, 2021

192nd Stopped Pick-Pocket: These Pants Saved Our Vacation In Rome!

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Editor's Note:  Incredibly, this is the 31st known stopped pick-pocket in Rome! This testimonial was recently sent in by Dale J. via a Facebook comment and is your first known stop since travel has restarted.

As tourists return, pick-pockets will inevitably follow. The pick-pockets have been out of work for nearly 2 years and we expect to see a rise in attempts being made in the near term. So now more than ever, it pays to be prepared. Since receiving this testimonial, we have learned of two more successful stops that we will publish shortly. Dale was wearing a pair from our Adventure Traveler Line where the front pockets features a horizontal security guard unique to our apparel.

Pro-tip: Wear your shirt untucked to cover the pocket as a 4th layer of defense, on top of the triple-secure design our pants offer. The pick-pocket will have no idea what is going on with your pocket and move along to find an easier target... since everyone else has unsecured pockets, why try harder?!?!

June 15, 2021

184 & 185 Stopped Pick-Pockets: Amazing Pants That Met The Pope!

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Editor's Note: This stopped pick-pocket testimonial came from a review of our Adventure Traveler Pants.

April 08, 2021

182 & 183 Stopped Pick-Pockets: Two Stops On Our Italian Train Adventure!

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Editor's Note: This stopped pick-pocket testimonial started with a ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Review of our Business Traveler Pants. We then followed up with Tom to learn more about the story and here is how it happened...

- Here is our follow-up correspondence with Tom -  

Dear Clothing Arts,

It was a first-time trip to Italy for the mrs. and me. I was aware there was a pickpocket problem there, especially since one of my son’s friends almost caught a fellow with his hand in his pocket. Anyway, the Rome Tiburtina station was crowded and we were trying to figure out where to find our train to Naples. We were tired from our flight, not as sharp as we should have been.
I was looking at the board of destinations and got bumped on my right side, though I felt something at my left pocket. When I reached down the zipper was halfway open. I figured he got his fingers in but had no luck. My cash, credit card, and ID were zipped inside the inner pocket of the business pants, no way he was getting to that, and our passports were in an RFID pouch tucked inside a thin book tucked inside the Velcro pocket, no way he was getting to that.
Usually, I never go into the left pocket during the day, but this was the first day and I was not as careful. In my right pocket, I zip in a photo ID, one credit card, some euros; my phone goes in the hidden pocket behind the Velcro. This is normally the only pocket I use for shopping, eating, and drinking. I never put anything in my back pockets.
We quickly figured out the trains and took them back to Rome, then to Venice, Florence, and Pisa. Pisa was very crowded too and I felt there was another attempt there, but whoever it was was completely deterred by the outer pocket.

Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, any time I go thru an airport, basically any crowded place, I wear your pants. They are the best for peace of mind. Besides security from pickpockets, I love it that I can zip the pockets shut and not worry about anything falling out. I will confess that in Italy, after that first day, I wore them every day for the three weeks we were there, Thank goodness they wash and dry fast and look great.

- Tom M. from Point Pleasant Beach, New Jersey

April 21, 2020

176th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Hanging Onto Your Wallet In Rome!

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Editor's Note: We received this story from a Facebook comment by Edward S. from Minneapolis, Minnesota. This testimonial comes to us from the Eternal City which currently sits at #2 on our Top Cities List. It marks the 28th known stopped pick-pocket in Rome and narrows Paris' lead as the "Unofficial" Pick-Pocket Capital of the World to 5 stops. He wears both our pants and shirts which have served him well over the years. A comment from 6 months ago got him to share his experience wearing Pick-Pocket Proof Clothing. "Look upon them as insurance," he says, describing the value they add to his wardrobe.

November 20, 2019

159th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Triple-Secure Pocket Saves Filmmaker in Rome!

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Editor's Note:  This is your 27th known stopped pick-pocket in Rome.

Dear Clothing Arts,

I was in a cathedral in Rome and while taking a video of the place, a little kid ran to me, and hugged me while I was busy filming. When I finally pulled him away, his whole family came over and apologized.

Then I realized that the buttons on my left front pocket were opened, but he could not get any further. All my documents were in my pocket thanks to the shorts.

- Michael G. from New York, USA

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