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July 17, 2024

259 Stopped Pick-Pocket: "It's A Must For The 2024 Paris Olympics!"

Europe ›   France ›   Paris ›  

Editor's Note: This is your 54th known stopped pick-pocket in Paris and second in 2 weeks ahead of the Olympic Games. Andrew was wearing a pair of our flagship Adventure Traveler Pants.

Dear Clothing Arts,

One month before the 2024 Olympics my wife and I decided to go to Paris for our 20th anniversary. I decided to buy the pick pocket proof long pants because I heard there were many pick pocket thieves in Paris. I didn’t want to lose my wallet or my passport.

We took the train into downtown and it was very crowded. Everyone's body was next to another. Toward the end of the ride, I caught someone trying to steal my wallet. Thankfully, the wallet was inside the my front pocket within a zippered layer. I swatted her hand away and she ran.

I'm thankful I bought the pick pocket pants! It's a must for the 2024 Paris Olympics!"

- Andrew L. from Glenview, Illinois

July 08, 2024

258 Stopped Pick-Pocket: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Olympic Level Pick-Pockets!

Europe ›   France ›   Paris ›  

Editor's Note: This is your 53rd known stopped pick-pocket in Paris. Paul S. from Houston, Texas, is an OG wearer of our Pick-Pocket Proof Pants first upgrading in 2014. Over the years he has expanded his secure travel wardrobe to include Adventure Shorts & Pants, Business Travel Pants, and Explorer Chinos. This most recent stopped pick-pocket testimonial came in just last Sunday and jumped the queue of testimonials as it represents the first of what we expect to be quite a few stopped pick-pockets during the Paris Olympics. This was sent in via a ***** review of our Adventure Traveler Shorts. Here is how it happened:

June 29, 2024

257 Stopped Pick-Pocket: Your Pants Saved Me In Denmark!

Copenhagen ›   Denmark ›   Europe ›  

Editor's Note: ​This is your first known stop in Denamrk. Theodore was wearing a pair of Adventure Traveler Pants.

​Dear Clothing Arts,

Your pants saved me from a pick-pocket near the entrance to Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen, Denmark!

- Theodore H. from Rapid City, South Dakota


June 22, 2024

256 Stopped Pick-Pocket: On The Lookout For Pick-Pockets In Greece!

Athens ›   Europe ›   Greece ›  

Editor's Note: ​Over the years, you have reported on hundreds of pick-pockets stopped red-handed, with hands caught in the cookie jar as they attempt to lift your valuables. What is unknown is the total number of deterred attempts where a seasoned pick-pocket will notice that your pockets are more complex than your fellow travelers' unsecured ones. When we set out to design these innovative pockets, our Flagship Adventure Traveler Pants would feature a triple-secure "security" guard to let the best pick-pockets know they should, to quote Oliver Twist, "pick a pocket or two" somewhere else! The testimonial below will be counted as one stop in Greece, as odds are at least one of these individuals was looking to lift Gerard's wallet.

Dear Clothing Arts,

Last month, I traveled to some of Europe's and the Middle East's pickpocket hot spots. I wore your pants in Lisbon, Barcelona, Rome, Cairo, Istanbul, and Athens. I felt secure from being pickpocketed.

A couple of times, I noticed someone approaching from the front, who looked at the flap with the logo and then walked away.

As I recall, I was in Athens at the Parthenon. It was very crowded. I was always on the lookout for individuals who were by themselves. Something similar happened in Santorini, Greece.

- Gerard C. from Pennsylvania



June 09, 2024

255 Stopped Pick-Pocket: Chatted Up At Octoberfest In Munich!

Europe ›   Germany ›   Munich ›  

Editor's Note: This testimonial is your first known stopped pick-pocket in Germany. It also marks a new stop by our Women's Travel Pants!

Dear Clothing Arts,

I don’t do all the social media stuff, but I wanted to let you know your travel pants are awesome. They kept my money and phone safe at the Octoberfest in Munich while a young girl was chatting me up in line for no reason. I’m 60 and female!

Thinking about the encounter, I’m sure I was her target because I wasn’t carrying a purse and had a couple of beers. No score for her. Our tour guides repeatedly warned us to be careful.

Thanks for the great product!

Heather F. from Redlands, California


April 18, 2024

Milestone 250th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Be Careful, The Pair of People To Your Right Are Pick-Pockets In Rome!!

Europe ›   italy ›   Rome ›  

Miromensil Station - Paris Metro

Editor's Note: We would like to take a moment to thank all the travelers who have made this milestone possible. Over the years, we have put 300,000+ pairs of our Pick-Pocket Proof Pants into the world together. Through your travels, the innovative pockets we design are put to the test, and the testimonials that result are beyond our wildest expectations. Thank you for choosing to see the world with our apparel, and continued Safe Travels!!

Dear Clothing Arts,

During my October trip to Rome, my Pick-Pocket Proof Pants saved my wallet while on the Metro. During the ride, the man standing next to me told me that the pair of people to my right were pick-pockets and to be careful. I lowered my hand down to my side to block any of their attempts. When I got off the train, I noticed that one of the buttons had been unbuttoned; however, the other was still buttoned, and the zipper remained closed. My pants protected my wallet just as well (or better?) than my hand!

Thank you for having great pants. I recommend them to my friends.

Best regards,

Jon G. from Santa Barbara, California

December 27, 2023

249 Stopped Pick-Pocket: Bumped By 5 In Paris & They Didn't Get A Dime!

Europe ›   France ›   Paris ›  

Miromensil Station - Paris Metro

Editor's Note: Incredibly, this is your 52nd stopped pick-pocket in Paris! Martin's testimonial was submited via a Facebook comment and then we followed up to learn more about how it happend. Martin was wearing a pair of pants from our new Explorer Travel Line.

Stop 249 Facebook Message 1
Stop 249 Facebook follow up 2

December 27, 2023

248 Stopped Pick-Pocket: "I Felt Like Iron Man In Your Clothes While In Europe!"

England ›   Europe ›   London ›  

London Street

Editor's Note: This is your 5th stopped pick-pocket in London! Timothy's testimonial was submited via a Facebook comment and then we followed up to learn more about how it happend:

Stop 248 Facebook Message 1
Stop 248 Facebook follow up 2

November 09, 2023

246 & 247th Stopped Pick-Pockets: Double Stopped Pick-Pockets On Two Trips To Spain!!

Barcelona ›   Europe ›   Madrid ›   Spain ›  

madrid airport

Editor's Note: This is your 7th known stopped pick-pocket in Mardid (two in a row) and your 26th stop in Barcelona. This testimonial came to us via a Facebook comment. Addi B. is from St. Paul, Minnesota and has been a long time wearer of our apparel, first upgrading in 2017. He now has pretty much everything we make!!

pick pocket story 2

October 26, 2023

245 Stopped Pick-Pocket: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Pick Pocket Foiled In Madrid!

Europe ›   Madrid ›   Spain ›  

Editor's Note: This is your 6th known stopped pick-pocket in Mardid. Henry E from Ocala, Florida sent in his testimonial via a ***** review of our Business Traveler Pants. Here is how it happened:

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