Milestone 250th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Be Careful, The Pair of People To Your Right Are Pick-Pockets In Rome!!

Miromensil Station - Paris Metro

Editor's Note: We would like to take a moment to thank all the travelers who have made this milestone possible. Over the years, we have put 300,000+ pairs of our Pick-Pocket Proof Pants into the world together. Through your travels, the innovative pockets we design are put to the test, and the testimonials that result are beyond our wildest expectations. Thank you for choosing to see the world with our apparel, and continued Safe Travels!!

Dear Clothing Arts,

During my October trip to Rome, my Pick-Pocket Proof Pants saved my wallet while on the Metro. During the ride, the man standing next to me told me that the pair of people to my right were pick-pockets and to be careful. I lowered my hand down to my side to block any of their attempts. When I got off the train, I noticed that one of the buttons had been unbuttoned; however, the other was still buttoned, and the zipper remained closed. My pants protected my wallet just as well (or better?) than my hand!

Thank you for having great pants. I recommend them to my friends.

Best regards,

Jon G. from Santa Barbara, California