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August 20, 2023

239 & 240th Stopped Pick-Pockets: Double Stopped Pick-Pockets At Home In Florida!!

Florida ›   North America ›   USA ›  

Editor's Note: This is your first stop in Florida and your 5th and 6th known stopped pick-pocket in the States. Andre L. from Boca Raton, Florida, sent in his testimionial via a Facebook comment.

July 27, 2023

236th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Saved My Wallet In A Havana Nightclub!

Cuba ›   Havana ›   North America ›  

Editor's Note: This testimonial came to use via a facebook comment and this is your first stop in Cuba... that we know about!!

January 10, 2023

221st Stopped Pick-Pocket: "Mexico City Pick-Pocketers Thwarted"

Mexico ›   Mexico City ›   North America ›  

mexico city

Editor's Note: This is your 3rd stopped pick-pocket in Mexico. Adam's testimonial came via a ***** Review for his Adventure Traveler Pants.

June 02, 2022

Milestone 200th Blocked Pick-Pocket At The NCAA Final Four In New Orleans!

New Orleans ›   North America ›   USA ›  

Editor's Note: The Clothing Arts Team would like to take a moment to thank everyone who selects to see the world with our secure pockets. A decade ago, our founder had a run-in with a team of pick-pockets and decided to do something about it. Today, we are proud to celebrate your 200th stopped pick-pocket. Simply amazing!! This is your fourth known stopped pick-pocket here in the US.

Dear Clothing Arts

Pickpockets were out in force in New Orleans during the recent NCAA Final Four. I wore your pants, with my iPhone, wallet, and cash behind velcro, zippers, and button tabs, and didn't lose a thing. Not for lack of their trying.  

I felt my pockets brushed and bumped several times in the crowds in the Superdome, and in the throngs going to and from. One particularly obvious miscreant was working the trolley car stops on Canal Street. I tried to board several cars in a row, stepping up to ask the driver if they went to the riverfront. Each time, a stubby little man wearing Kansas gear crowded up to my left side as I stepped up, and held a warmup jacket next to my side, covering my pockets. I held my hand down on that side, and finally swatted his arm away and told him to go away and work on his technique.

Without your pants, I very likely could have been missing an iPhone. Stairs may be a particularly vulnerable spot for having your front pockets picked; they open up as you step up. But not with your zippers and button tabs.

- Charlie W. from North Carolina

December 21, 2021

193rd Stopped Pick-Pocket: Playa Del Carmen Pick-Pockets Pooh-Poohed!

Mexico ›   North America ›   Playa Del Carmen ›  

Editor's Note: This is your second known stopped pick-pocket attempt in Mexico, and your second stop in Playa Del Carmen.

Dear Clothing Arts,

I have been targeted by an older guy in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The scam is he sprays a brownish substance on your back, shorts, and legs. He then claims it is bird poop. (Believe me you don't feel a thing when he does this) As he "helps" you to clean it off with some tissues he robs you in the process.

His female accomplice pulls the same scam on the ladies. They clean you out. Wallets, Passports, Billfolds, Phones, and Purses. Well, when he targeted me he got absolutely nothing. Zip, Nada, Bugger all. My Clothing Arts Shorts stopped him in his tracks, NOTHING was taken. Thanks Team.

And just a random thought, Bird Poop is usually white !! :o)

Best Regards,
Alan S. from Tukwila, Washington​

June 07, 2018

78th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Vegas Bump & Grab Team Craps Out

Las Vegas ›   North America ›   USA ›  

Another stop. Las Vegas (Editors Note: Actual Title of Emailed Testimonial)

Dear Clothing Arts,

I have a testimonial. I am a certified customer. Last Monday I was bumped and had a tug on my pick pocket proof pants at the Aria casino in Las Vegas.

I’ve been impressed with the pants so far and was surprised when it happened. It was interesting how I couldn’t really tell which one of a small group of people moving by had “bumped me”.

- Paul from Florida, USA  

October 03, 2017

57th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Concert Cut-Purse in Cincinnati

Cincinnati ›   North America ›   USA ›  

Editor's Note: While some travelers wear our apparel solely for trips, others have various purposes in mind. The following testimonial shows a customer who specifically bought his pair of Pick-Pocket Proof Pants as the ultimate concert pants to keep his valuables safe in the dense crowds of venues.

Dear Clothing Arts,

Do you want a testimony? I was always going to concerts and worried about people pickpocketting me at concerts and shows in the United States. I have the same pair of pants and used them at every concert I have been to. And that is approximately 260 something shows. The reason I deceided to contact you now was because of a Black Dahlia Murder concert tonight in Cincinatti, Ohio.

In a mosh pit, people are suceptible to people digging in their pockets. Well, I had a smiling "**** You" face when this girl tried to grab up my backside thinking my wallet would be in the back pocket. She even continued to smile at me like she was playing a game and I said, "Isnt it funny that my pockets are empty?" She just smiled and turned away. Moshers beware!

I haven't properly thanked you for all those years and close calls. But that is what matters the most after all! The countless shows I have gone to since wearing them has allowed me to crowd surf and mosh safely without the threat of people grabbing my pockets as I surf, or even things falling out of my pockets while I surfed!

- Alex from Cincinati, USA

April 13, 2016

25th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Caribbean Pick-Pocket Paradise

Boca Chica ›   Caribbean ›   Dominican Republic ›   North America ›  

Dear Clothing Arts,

I have thwarted nightly pick-pocketing attempts on my recent trip to Boca Chica, Dominican Republic.

On the way from the main restaurant area to the disco, there is a dark area for about 30'. Every night, many women await men there and attempt to take money while groping solitary walkers. One cannot avoid them: One must push them and their hands off oneself. I could feel their hands attempt to get in my pockets, but they had problems with the zippers. Only one woman figured out the zippers; but, by that time, I had pushed her away and zipped the pocket back. I've never encountered such a nest of thieves, but I came out with my money on the other side everytime!

Lee from Alabama, USA.

July 11, 2014

11th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Securing My Pockets in Mexico

Mexico ›   North America ›   Playa Del Carmen ›  

Dear Clothing Arts:

I just want to tell you how amazing your pickpocket proof shorts are. I wore them to a club in Playa Del Carmen last night. I was drugged in the club around 2am and my friend had to help me walk. On the way out the girls (working for the people that drugged me we think) started feeling up my friend and I and it turned out they were emptying our pockets.

My friend had his iPhone 5 stolen. I had my wallet with credit card, lots of cash, passport, and iPhone 5 on me, and they weren't able to get a thing. I woke up with all my possessions :)

Thank you so much

Dan from North Carolina

November 19, 2013

9th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Baltimore Bandit

Baltimore ›   North America ›   USA ›  


I purchased 2 pair of Business Traveler Pants some time ago.  My first occasion to wear them was an extended visit to Baltimore while my daughter had surgery at Johns Hopkins Hospital.  Hopkins security alerted us to petty crime explaining they are a lucrative soft target.  I did feel like I got "brushed-up" while moving through a crowded entry, but all my possessions survived the encounter.  I felt very secure from pick-pockets that frequent the environs around the hospital.

Your pants are comfortable, suitable for business casual wear, and most importantly petty-crime-proof.  I had enough to worry about without adding pick-pocket theft and associated identity crisis to my list, and P^cubed Business Travel pants eliminated that worry.  Thankfully, my most important worry - my daughter's surgery - was completely successful.

Great designs are those that work, and their designers deserve recognition.  Hooah and Good Job!

Tom from Texas, USA