Milestone 200th Blocked Pick-Pocket At The NCAA Final Four In New Orleans!

Editor's Note: The Clothing Arts Team would like to take a moment to thank everyone who selects to see the world with our secure pockets. A decade ago, our founder had a run-in with a team of pick-pockets and decided to do something about it. Today, we are proud to celebrate your 200th stopped pick-pocket. Simply amazing!! This is your fourth known stopped pick-pocket here in the US.

Dear Clothing Arts

Pickpockets were out in force in New Orleans during the recent NCAA Final Four. I wore your pants, with my iPhone, wallet, and cash behind velcro, zippers, and button tabs, and didn't lose a thing. Not for lack of their trying.  

I felt my pockets brushed and bumped several times in the crowds in the Superdome, and in the throngs going to and from. One particularly obvious miscreant was working the trolley car stops on Canal Street. I tried to board several cars in a row, stepping up to ask the driver if they went to the riverfront. Each time, a stubby little man wearing Kansas gear crowded up to my left side as I stepped up, and held a warmup jacket next to my side, covering my pockets. I held my hand down on that side, and finally swatted his arm away and told him to go away and work on his technique.

Without your pants, I very likely could have been missing an iPhone. Stairs may be a particularly vulnerable spot for having your front pockets picked; they open up as you step up. But not with your zippers and button tabs.

- Charlie W. from North Carolina