199 Stopped Pick-Pocket: Travelers Wearing Pick-Pocket Proof Pants Meet In Egypt!

Editor's Note: With north of 300,000 Pick-Pocket Proof Pants now walking the world, the odds of two travelers both wearing them in the wild increase by the day. If you do run into one, the best thing to say is, "nice pants!" That is what our founder / designer Adam said when he spotted a fellow traveler wearing a pair in Taiwan a few years back.

Hello Clothing Arts,

I am writing to tell you my encounter with one of your customers. I recently went on a National Geographic tour to Egypt. I met a fellow traveler on our tour and said we have the same tailor in pants. He told me he loves the pants and they saved him on his last trip to Italy. His backpack was robbed while wearing it but they didn't get his passport or other id's because they were in his Clothing Arts pants. He said to me they work great and I will be well protected while wearing mine. By the way he was the expedition leader for our trip!

Howie N. from Long Branch, New Jersey