193rd Stopped Pick-Pocket: Playa Del Carmen Pick-Pockets Pooh-Poohed!

Editor's Note: This is your second known stopped pick-pocket attempt in Mexico, and your second stop in Playa Del Carmen.

Dear Clothing Arts,

I have been targeted by an older guy in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. The scam is he sprays a brownish substance on your back, shorts, and legs. He then claims it is bird poop. (Believe me you don't feel a thing when he does this) As he "helps" you to clean it off with some tissues he robs you in the process.

His female accomplice pulls the same scam on the ladies. They clean you out. Wallets, Passports, Billfolds, Phones, and Purses. Well, when he targeted me he got absolutely nothing. Zip, Nada, Bugger all. My Clothing Arts Shorts stopped him in his tracks, NOTHING was taken. Thanks Team.

And just a random thought, Bird Poop is usually white !! :o)

Best Regards,
Alan S. from Tukwila, Washington​