192 Stopped Pick-Pocket: These Pants Saved Our Vacation In Rome!

Editor's Note:  Incredibly, this is the 31st known stopped pick-pocket in Rome! This testimonial was recently sent in by Dale J. via a Facebook comment and is your first known stop since travel has restarted.

As tourists return, pick-pockets will inevitably follow. The pick-pockets have been out of work for nearly 2 years and we expect to see a rise in attempts being made in the near term. So now more than ever, it pays to be prepared. Since receiving this testimonial, we have learned of two more successful stops that we will publish shortly. Dale was wearing a pair from our Adventure Traveler Line where the front pockets features a horizontal security guard unique to our apparel.

Pro-tip: Wear your shirt untucked to cover the pocket as a 4th layer of defense, on top of the triple-secure design our pants offer. The pick-pocket will have no idea what is going on with your pocket and move along to find an easier target... since everyone else has unsecured pockets, why try harder?!?!