237th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Saved By The Pants On Royal Caribbean!

Editor's Note: This is your first stopped pick-pocket in international waters! Howard has been wearing his Pick-Pocket Proof Pants since 2021.

Dear Clothing Arts,

My wife and I took a recent cruise on Royal Caribbean from Miami to Barcelona. I wore my four pair of pick pocket proof pants and shirt all the time. During our 12 days at sea, I won the Blackjack tournament. After cashing the winning, I put the cash in the left front inside zip pocket, zipped it, then zipped and buttoned the outside.

My wife and I got on the elevator to go to the 14th deck from the 3rd deck. I felt someone bump my left side in a crowded elevator, but not sure who it was. Felt a slight tug on the left front zipper, but it only opened to the button tab. On the next floor, several people got out. It was one of them or more working together. Anyway, the pants are credited with this save.

After we arrived in Barcelona, we flew to Paris and did all the touristy things. We were warned about pickpockets, but I wore my four pair changing every other day. I kept all zippers zipped and all buttons buttoned. No issues and no attempts, they move on to softer targets.

Photo of Blackjack tournament win below.

Howard R. from Davie, Florida