256 Stopped Pick-Pocket: On The Lookout For Pick-Pockets In Greece!

Editor's Note: ​Over the years, you have reported on hundreds of pick-pockets stopped red-handed, with hands caught in the cookie jar as they attempt to lift your valuables. What is unknown is the total number of deterred attempts where a seasoned pick-pocket will notice that your pockets are more complex than your fellow travelers' unsecured ones. When we set out to design these innovative pockets, our Flagship Adventure Traveler Pants would feature a triple-secure "security" guard to let the best pick-pockets know they should, to quote Oliver Twist, "pick a pocket or two" somewhere else! The testimonial below will be counted as one stop in Greece, as odds are at least one of these individuals was looking to lift Gerard's wallet.

Dear Clothing Arts,

Last month, I traveled to some of Europe's and the Middle East's pickpocket hot spots. I wore your pants in Lisbon, Barcelona, Rome, Cairo, Istanbul, and Athens. I felt secure from being pickpocketed.

A couple of times, I noticed someone approaching from the front, who looked at the flap with the logo and then walked away.

As I recall, I was in Athens at the Parthenon. It was very crowded. I was always on the lookout for individuals who were by themselves. Something similar happened in Santorini, Greece.

- Gerard C. from Pennsylvania