242 Stopped Pick-Pocket: Packed In Like Sardines On Paris Metro #9!

Editor's Note: This is your 49th known stopped pick-pocket in Paris! Lin's testimonial came to us via a ***** review of her Women's Travel Pants. Her husband was wearing a pair of Business Traveler Shorts at the time he stopped the pick-pocket in Paris. We followed up with her via email to get more details on how it happened which you can find below.

-- Here Is Our Follow-Up --

Dear Clothing Arts,

We were on Metro 9, traveling from Iena station to Franklin Roosevelt station to transfer to Metro 1. Metro 9 is a VERY busy line 24/7, and on the weekend, the metro cars on this line are packed like sardines. The metro plays a looping announcement warning of pickpockets. Just as the doors closed, my husband felt a hand scrambling for his side pocket. He grabbed the man's hand and looked him in the eye. When the doors opened at the next stop, he jumped off and rushed away.
My husband turned to me and said, "Good thing you bought these pants". The pickpockets look like everyday people. Suspect everyone! We love Paris. It's a big city with big city challenges, especially for travelers. But I won't hesitate for a second to visit anytime I'm in Europe.
Love the pants!

Lin C. from Indio, California