254th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Double Jeopardy On A Jeepney In Manila!

Editor's Note: This testimonial is the second stop by Rob S. from San Diego. He previously wrote in with a testimonial in Japan: 178th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Last Night Out in Okinawa Saved!

Dear Clothing Arts,

Since that incident, I have bought several more pairs of your shorts and pants and have used them in over 10 countries, including high-crime areas like Manila and New Delhi. They have never let me down even the one time a guy on a Jeepney near the rough Ermita area of Manila unbuttoned my back pocket, but fortunately couldn't also get the zipper without me noticing. There was nothing in there but some coins so no issue as I usually utilize the awesome small zipper in the front pocket where it is almost impossible to get to without cutting the pants.

Best wishes for Clothing Art's continued success and always keeping travelers' pockets around the world safe and sound in their journey!

Rob S from San Diego, California