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January 11, 2022

168/9th Stopped Pick-Pockets: Last Minute Travel Apparel Stops Two in China!

Asia ›   China ›   Xian ›  

Editor's Note: This testimonial comes from a recent ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review of our Adventure Traveler Pants and bring the Clothing Arts story full circle. One of the cities Keith reports stopping a pick-pocket was Xian. In 2007, our Founder / Designer Adam Rapp had a run-in with a team of pick-pockets beneath the Bell Tower in the city and went on to create the pants Keith was wearing on his travels!

November 25, 2021

190 & 191st Stopped Pick-Pockets: Full Circle w/ Double Stops in Beijing & Xi'an

Asia ›   China ›   Xian ›  

A Very Special Editor's Note: This stopped pick-pocket testimonial came from a recent review left on the Adventure Traveler Pants page. It is a special stopped pick-pocket story as the pants Keith wore on his trip to Xi'an were inspired here over a decade earlier when our founder/designer Adam Rapp had a run-in with a team of pick-pockets beneath the famous Bell Tower pictured above.

There is a large traffic circle above ground and an underground walkway for people to access the tower and cross the street beneath - much like the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. It was in this tunnel where the ideas that would eventually become Pick-Pocket Proof Pants were inspired when our founder looked down at his chinos and thought, "Why not combine a great pair of travel pants with the security of money-belts."

Fast forward 14 years and 250,000+ of our pants walk the world and now they have come full circle, with Keith stopping a pick-pocket attempt in Xian... perhaps the very one that tried to get Adam's wallet all those years ago!

May 05, 2020

178th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Last Night Out in Okinawa Saved!

Asia ›   Japan ›   Okinawa ›  

Editor's Note: This is your first known stopped pick-pocket in Japan!

Dear Clothing Arts,

I bought your Travel Adventure Pants and have used them in Thailand, South Korea, India, Philippines, and now Japan where it met its first test and passed with flying colors. On April 3rd, I went out into the American Village in Okinawa to enjoy one last night there and buy supplies for the week. Many places were crowded including the numerous small shops.

As I was on the main tourist street by the Starbucks a group of three professional pick-pocket thieves caused a distraction by dropping a bag of items on the ground while the walking crosswalk light was red and then bumping into me and others while the crowd of unsuspecting tourists helped pick up the items. They successfully unbuttoned my rear left pocket but were unable to unzip my zipper fully holding my cash/credit cards. I never noticed the attempt as my guard was left down being in “safe” Japan until I arrived at a supermarket and found my pocket was tampered with.

Luckily these pants saved the night as if these cards were stolen it would be very difficult to get a timely replacement due to the Covid19 current circumstances. These pants lived up to all the expectations and paid for themselves with both having a peace of mind and knowing I have that added layer of security when I unexpectedly needed it the most.

Thank you,

Rob S. San Diego, CA

December 17, 2019

160th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Local Trick Blocked On A Filipino Jeepney!

Asia ›   Philippines ›  

Editor's Note: This comment came via a Facebook post. This is your first known stop in the Philippines!

--- We followed up via email with Walter M. ---

Dear Clothing Arts,

While in the Philippines I was confronted with one of the local tricks when riding a Jeepney. Someone drops a few coins on the floor and when you try to help them pick up the coins, a pick-pocket puts his hands in your pocket and tries to relieve you of your cash or wallet.

Walter M. from Texas, USA.

July 15, 2019

136, 137, 138th Stopped Pick-Pockets: Preparing For The Crowds In Dhaka, Bangladesh!

Asia ›   Bangladesh ›  

Editor's Note: This is the first known stopped pick-pocket[s] by a traveler wearing Pick-Pocket Proof®️ Apparel in Bangladesh! John likely experienced more than just the three confirmed stops mentioned below. It pays to be prepared and in a pair of our pants, you are a more difficult target than a pick-pocket is ready to handle.

Dear Clothing Arts,

I just returned from two weeks in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and whenever I planned to be​ in crowds, I wore my Pick-Pocket Proof Pants. Several times I felt tugs when the crowds were close, but everything stayed secure.

Every time I was in a crowd, with everyone jostling, I felt tugs on my back pockets. On two or three occasions, I felt someone pat my front pockets where my wallet (left side) and cellphone (right) side were.

I'm 6’2”, 230, bright blue eyes, and white hair walking around and was probably targeted in Bangladesh because I stood out like a sore thumb. I was in a crowd multiple times over two weeks, and each time, I purposely wore my pick proof pants, and each time I felt tugs on both my front and back pockets. Once, I even had both buttons undone on a cargo pocket, though why they would try that pocket when it was obviously empty is beyond me.

- John T. from Florida, USA.

May 28, 2019

125th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Observing Monks in Mandalay, Myanmar!

Asia ›   Myanmar ›  

Editor's Note: This is your first known stop in Myanmar!

Dear Clothing Arts,

Outside Mandalay, Myanmar, observing hundreds of Monks going to breakfast and alms, a pick-pocket attempted on both front pockets. Zipper down 1/4 way is it.

No go.

- Gary P. from Florida, USA

February 28, 2019

108th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Singapore Gold Bazaar Trio Blocked!

Asia ›   Singapore ›  

Editor's Note: This is your first stop in Singapore!

Dear Clothing Arts,

While in Singapore, I was strolling thru a super crowded gold jewelry bazaar wearing the green Adventure Cargo Pants and feeling very locked down and secure, but also much more cognizant and aware of my surroundings. I was being pressed in on both sides by men when I felt several tugs on my back right pocket triggering my response to rapidly whip around breaking the press of two larger men on each side and looking down straight in the eyes of a shorter man about half my size. Frankly, it was rather startling and did surprise them, at which point all three of the scoundrels dispersed, leaving me feeling rather satisfied knowing that my passport, credit cards, and money were still tucked safely away. What a great feeling to have on the highways and byways of Southeast Asia. Truly a work of art. My problem is remembering how to access my own stuff in my own pants pockets. Takes a bit of getting used to.

THX---Steven W. from Washington, USA

February 21, 2017

44th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Theft At Chiang Mai Night Market Thwarted!

Asia ›   Chiang Mai ›   Thailand ›  

Dear Clothing Arts,

Two days after the annual flower festival, I was walking down the main road of the night market in Chiang Mai, Thailand around midnight. The crowd was rather thick and I found myself having to literally brush up against others in order to get through to where I was going. When I got to the center of the market, I felt what seemed like a hand lightly slide down my right buttock.

I at first thought it might have been an accident, because everyone was bumping against everyone to make their way through the crowd. But, then it happened a second time, and this time it was clear that I had a pickpocket on my hands and they were trying to enter my rear pocket on my righthand side to grab my leather coin bag. I immediately turned to face whomever it was that was trying to rip me off. The thief scattered into the night crowd. They took with them a button from the back of my convertible adventure traveler pants. Maybe they panicked or maybe it was done as spite. Either way, my belongings were kept safe and I have only a missing button to replace. I so love these pants!

Greling from California, USA

- Editor's Note: Our last stop in Asia was 14, in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam... Read about it here!

June 28, 2016

26th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Noted Overland Traveler vs. Indian Pick-Pocket

Asia ›   India ›   New Delhi ›  

When Explorers-Club-Member and RCGS-Fellow Ray Hyland decided to recreate the famous First Overland expedition last year from London to Singapore in an original 60-year-old Land Rover, he knew security was going to be a challenge. So Ray turned to our Pick-Pocket Proof Pants to protect him along the way.

"The truck is so old it didn't actually come with door-locks, so I knew I would need to carry all my valuables and documents on my person, at all times."

Ray's expedition was 8 months long, covering 15000 miles through places like India, Turkey, Iran, Myanmar, and Thailand, some advance planning was in order.

"I didn't have room to take much gear, so I chose 2 pairs of convertible Pick-pocket-proof pants, and two pick-pocket-proof dress shirts". This allowed me to keep everything I needed on me, gave me the flexibility to zip the legs off and roll the sleeves up for exploring ruins and street-markets, or to dress a little sharper for when I had interviews at consulates or with government officials."

Did he actually need the pick-pocket-proof clothing during the trip?

"Absolutely, the confidence I felt, not worrying about my money or papers was such a relief I was able to concentrate on other priorities wherever I was. In fact, the one place I felt should have been among the safest, a bank in New Delhi India, was one place where the clothing thwarted a would-be thief. I had placed a small wad of bills plus my Myanmar visa application in a front cargo-pocket while I stood in (a very crowded) line, and when I looked down later I noticed someone had opened the first button, pulled the flap back, but was unable to get to the second, inside button on the pocket. That saved me not only the cash, but also days of hassle if I needed to get a new Visa."

Regarding convenience, Ray added "I've always loved the ease of washing and drying the nylon shirts. I've been able to remove almost any stain, and they dry literally in minutes when I am in the tropics. These are my go-to clothes for almost every adventure."

January 14, 2015

13th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Ho Chi Minh City Encounter

Asia ›   Ho Chi Minh City ›   Vietnam ›  

Dear Clothing Arts

Not only are the travel version of the "Pickpocket-Proof" pants comfortable, but the live up to their name. One evening about 8PM, I was walking south on De Tham Street in Saigon/Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and I was accosted a local, who began to "proposition" me.

She grabbed my right forearm with her right hand, and proceeded to try to get into my zippered pocket with her left hand. NO LUCK! I pushed her away as she tried to get into the cargo pocket. Nothing there. "To Bad, So Sad."

These pants are "cheap" traveler's insurance, when I think about the lost time and the inconvenience I avoided.


Dwight from WA, USA