108 Stopped Pick-Pocket: Singapore Gold Bazaar Trio Blocked!

Editor's Note: This is your first stop in Singapore!

Dear Clothing Arts,

While in Singapore, I was strolling thru a super crowded gold jewelry bazaar wearing the green Adventure Cargo Pants and feeling very locked down and secure, but also much more cognizant and aware of my surroundings. I was being pressed in on both sides by men when I felt several tugs on my back right pocket triggering my response to rapidly whip around breaking the press of two larger men on each side and looking down straight in the eyes of a shorter man about half my size. Frankly, it was rather startling and did surprise them, at which point all three of the scoundrels dispersed, leaving me feeling rather satisfied knowing that my passport, credit cards, and money were still tucked safely away. What a great feeling to have on the highways and byways of Southeast Asia. Truly a work of art. My problem is remembering how to access my own stuff in my own pants pockets. Takes a bit of getting used to.

THX---Steven W. from Washington, USA