107 Stopped Pick-Pocket: Rome Metro Pick-Pocket Takes A Hike!

Editor's Note: This is the second stopped pick-pocket by a traveler wearing our Women's Travel Pants and the 23rd stopped pick-pocket in Rome!

Dear Clothing Arts,

I had a similar Rome incident in the subway/train at the end of my via Francigena hike from Lausanne. thanks for your product - I only wish you had smaller sizes for small women.

** We followed up to learn more about the story and to confirm that this was a stopped pick-pocket. Here is her response:

Yes, I was in the subway in Rome... I was standing up next to the pole, with some friends and another woman intentionally banged into me. It was clear that she was trying to pick my pocket. I yelled at her and pushed her away. Because of Clothing Arts, she didn’t have a chance to get anything. I had just finished the via Francigena and everything I owned was with me. Thanks to you I still have everything 🤗

- Gretel S. from Vermont, USA