57th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Concert Cut-Purse in Cincinnati

Editor's Note: While some travelers wear our apparel solely for trips, others have various purposes in mind. The following testimonial shows a customer who specifically bought his pair of Pick-Pocket Proof Pants as the ultimate concert pants to keep his valuables safe in the dense crowds of venues.

Dear Clothing Arts,

Do you want a testimony? I was always going to concerts and worried about people pickpocketting me at concerts and shows in the United States. I have the same pair of pants and used them at every concert I have been to. And that is approximately 260 something shows. The reason I deceided to contact you now was because of a Black Dahlia Murder concert tonight in Cincinatti, Ohio.

In a mosh pit, people are suceptible to people digging in their pockets. Well, I had a smiling "**** You" face when this girl tried to grab up my backside thinking my wallet would be in the back pocket. She even continued to smile at me like she was playing a game and I said, "Isnt it funny that my pockets are empty?" She just smiled and turned away. Moshers beware!

I haven't properly thanked you for all those years and close calls. But that is what matters the most after all! The countless shows I have gone to since wearing them has allowed me to crowd surf and mosh safely without the threat of people grabbing my pockets as I surf, or even things falling out of my pockets while I surfed!

- Alex from Cincinati, USA