74th Stopped Pick-Pocket: New Zealand Pick-Pockets Disappear Empty Handed!

Editor's Note: This testimonial was taken from a Facebook comment.

I have a couple pairs of these and they're great pants for security - I have frequently put stuff in the secret area of the front pocket and then myself can't figure out how to get at it! I also felt a pickpocket try to open one of the back pockets while on a busy street overseas. So yup, they DO work.

---- Our follow-up -----

Hey Max .... This is Adam, the owner of Clothing Arts. Congrats on stopping a pick-pocket! Your story is stop #74. Could you elaborate on how it happened so we can add it to the testimonial?

---- How It Happened ----

I HATE doing this because I love the country of New Zealand so much but, yes, this happened in Auckland, 2015, downtown in a throng of people. I felt the pants tug, and my wife also felt someone grab at her purse with no success. When we looked behind us of course we saw zero obvious suspects

Max from Iowa, USA