75th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Kiev Pick-Pocket Duo Disappear Empty Handed

Dear Clothing Arts,

I just got back from an around-the-world trip, and I thought I would follow up with you.

I know of only one instance where a pickpocket was foiled by the pants. Others may have been deterred so that they did not even try as I visited many cities (Barcelona, Rome, Sevilla, Sofia, etc., just to name a few).

Here’s the story….

It was about October 12, and we had traveled by train from Lviv, Ukraine to Kiev, Ukraine. We had three luggage bags (two large, one small); I managed the two large bags while my partner managed the small bag. Unfortunately, there was no elevator lift from the platform to the exit level, and there were about 30-40 stairs in a wide staircase. I grabbed the two large bags, one in each hand, and began the walk up the stairs. With two fifty-pound bags, my hands were occupied. The pickpockets waited until I was half way up the stairs, so I was in the middle of the ascent. I wasn’t aware of them, but I suddenly felt my left pocket begin to open. I wasn’t worried because my credit cards and money were securely in the inside pocket, but I knew immediately what was happening. I aggressively turned to investigate and intended to knock whoever was behind me down the 15 stairs. But alas, the two women aborted their mission and brushed on by me quickly. I presume that they understood their vulnerable position. But I was happy as the entire incident only lasted about 3 seconds, and they were gone—with nothing.

- John from Hawaii, USA