73rd Stopped Pick-Pocket: Carterista Blocked in Cartagena, Colombia

Street shot of Cartagena with the Catedral Basílica Metropolitana de Santa Catalina de Alejandría to the back left.

Editor's Note: This story comes to us through the comments on a new order! Since then, we've gotten a little more detail on his stop in Cartagena. We're glad to see Kevin's Pick-Pocket Proof® Adventure Shorts protecting his valuables on his travels and we can't wait for him to try out his new shorts when he gets back from his trip. On another note, Colombia is a new country for us. This stop in Cartagena marks our 4th stop in South America!

Order Comments:

I used my current pair of P^3 shorts in Cartagena, Colombia last year. They saved me from at least one pick-pocket attempt. That save paid for these shorts. We leave on the 21st of January for Medellin, Colombia. My old shorts will have to stand guard until I get the new ones in March.

Email With More Info On The Stop:

Last year, on a trip to Cartagena, I was without question the target of a pick-pocket. This was not an otherwise honest person taking advantage of a wallet sticking out of an open pocket as I was completely zipped up and buttoned down.

Cartagena is an old Spanish walled city with very narrow streets and equally narrow sidewalks. I was walking behind my wife on a quiet sidewalk only wide enough for one person to travel. The pick-pocket came from behind and grabbed my hips with both hands right where my front pockets should open. This was done under the guise of attempting to pass me on this super narrow sidewalk. As she grabbed for my pockets, she yelled at me in Spanish. I knew for sure that this was a pick-pocket attempt as she then immediately walked diagonally across the quiet street and disappeared into a building.   She made no attempt to get back on the sidewalk and walk in front of me. As I mentioned, she was unsuccessful! My pockets were zipped up and buttoned and as such still contained my phone and wallet.

I am happy to share this experience with you as opposed to recalling it for the police.

- Kevin from Calgary, Canada