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July 19, 2018

83rd & 84th Stopped Pick-Pockets: Rome & Prague, Plus First Cubed® Travel Jacket Stop!

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Editors Note: This is stop #21 for Rome! Left photo is the Tiber Bridge in Rome & right is the Charles Bridge in Prague mentioned below.

Dear Clothing Arts,

Just wanted to let you know, my husband and I have been wearing your great pants for many years. On our first trip with them several years ago, we went to Rome. My husband groused a bit about having to unzip and unbutton "just to get his phone" out of his pants pocket. I explained that he didn't have to since there are clever buttons he could use to fasten the tabs out of the way instead of buttoning them to protect the pockets. And what the heck, it's only a brand new iPhone. Maybe he was feeling lucky.

So he secured the phone properly in his pocket, and we headed to the train. I thought it was annoying that a very young girl pushed past us to get in the train first and then just hung on the column at the door. Everyone had to push past her to board the train! Then my husband noticed a tug at his pocket - she had gotten one button only half opened. It was so secure that she couldn't open it entirely without him distinctly feeling it, so his new phone was secure. He picked her up and placed her back on the platform while yelling "pickpocket!" and pointing to her.

She wasn't happy, but we were! Another rider was not as lucky, as a pickpocket had gotten his phone. We explained the P-cubed pants to him and his friends, and he pledged to get some before his next trip.

We both recently got new pairs of the pants and loved the new fabric which easily dries overnight after having been washed out in the sink. Great for lean packing!

This past Christmas I got your new pickpocket proof jacket for my husband. Even he noticed how beautifully it is made! The zippers are awesome. And, as expected, it is safe with lots of room for valuables to be handy yet secure.

We were in the Czech Republic in October, and he wore his jacket. And your advertising is accurate- it keeps him perfectly comfortable in all kinds of weather by simply adjusting the layers he wears underneath.

We have been to Prague before, and it's becoming increasingly popular. We were crossing the Charles Bridge which had a craft fair on it. A couple of young men were visiting with each other and talking and having a great time. Not paying attention to other pedestrians, they bumped into my husband. It turns out they were trying to pick his pocket with his phone. They failed! The jacket is as protective as it is great looking!

So thank you so much for great products! They do all you promise and look great. We will continue to be happy customers and will continue to sell them to our friends and acquaintances.

- Armin from Texas, USA


September 19, 2017

55th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Prague Pick-Pocket Prevented!

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Editor's Note: We always consider ourselves lucky to get pictures with our testimonials. If you look closeley at the top image, the man in the striped shirt on the right was part of the team that attempted to pick Donald's pocket.

Email #1

Dear Clothing Arts,

I usually am attentive and so although I have seen pickpockets set their sights on others to this point I had not been a victim. But heading towards the Charles Bridge in Prague I was looking at my phone checking directions for a site on the other side of the bridge and I had the purportedly accidental bump from a young man with a map in his hand as an excuse and a partner nearby for the expected hand off. However, the best he could do was get under the rear flap where he met the resistance of the zipper in my pick-pocket proof pants. My wife thought it an accident but I knew better and exclaimed so and they scattered away no doubt looking for a less clothing prepared victim.

- Donald from California, USA

Email #2

Dear Adam,

We did not take many photos in Prague because we have been there before. This street scene is where the attempt took place and you can see the fellow in the striped shirt to the right. He was the person who expected the get the hand off. The actual pick-pocket had turned around and was out of sight by the time I got the camera on the phone working. Both turned around and went back the way they came on opposite sides of the street. The second photo shows me similarly distracted but at a different place and time. It looks like one pocket is ajar but I assure you my valuables were carefully secured.

- Donald from California, USA