77th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Malawi Market ATM Team


With my recently arrived pair of Pick-Pocket Proof® Adventure Travel Pants in my bag, I set off for the warm heart of Africa -- Malawi. A beautiful country with the warmest and friendliest people anywhere. Nevertheless, I did encounter a small group of young men near the Lilongwe market who were keen to help me out of the funds I had recently withdrawn from an ATM. Thanks to the many hidden pockets in your pants, they found nothing, despite a concerted effort.

Not only are these pants great for concealing money, but my wallet, passport, and other items all the while looking like I had nothing in my pockets! Plus, they are very comfortable - surprising considering how much I was carrying.
Your pants saved me from what could have been an extremely unfortunate incident. Thanks!!!

I heartily recommend your pants to anyone preparing for an overseas voyage.

- Bill from Maryland, USA