82nd Stopped Pick-Pocket: Lima Market Team Bumps & Grabs Zip

Editor's Note: This is stop #2 in Lima, Peru!

​Dear Clothing Arts,


My wife decided that I needed some pick pocket proof pants. I disagreed, as we have traveled the world for years without any problems.

That being said on 02-22-18 I received my shorts in the mail. On 03-11-18 I found myself in Lima Peru at the Minka marketplace. When we arrived the market was uncrowded, we were in a group of about 20 people and even a security guard assigned to keep an eye on us. But as the market gets very busy it is almost impossible to move a group through a large crowd. As I take many pictures I also tend to either get out in front of the group or behind.

I was lagging behind when a little old lady ran her shopping card into my leg causing me to stop abruptly and turn to my left to see what happened. As I did,a young man ran into the back of me. The little old lady never missed a step and never looked at me and speed off. As I turned to see who had run into me a young boy about 16 to 18 with his head down took off running the other way. I would have never caught him at all.

By the time I realized what had even happened it was over. Pick Pocket proof shorts 1 - Pickpocket 0

My wife said later that I had the pants only two weeks and they had paid for themselves many times over. And the slacks are on order.

Ron from Nevada, USA

PS: I have received the slacks already and they are awesome.