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May 21, 2023

230th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Worth Every Penny On My Recent Trip To Paris!

Editor's Note:  Ed's testimonial came to us via a Facebook comment where he responds to another user's critique of the price of our apparel. We have decided to post the entire thread as it addresses what makes our pants uniquely valuable to travelers if you do have a run-in with a pick-pocket in the wild AND they represent the obsolescence of the most uncomfortable and inconvenient traveler staple, the money-belt! Here is how it happened & why our apparel is a game-changer for the discerning traveler:

May 04, 2023

229th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Try Harder in Paris Next Time... They Must!

Editor's Note: Not so long ago, in a country just a plane ride away, Bob F. from Evansville, Indiana, donned his new Adventure Pants as he made his way through a crowded station in Pær.ɪs [Paris]. Bob was one with the Anti-Pick-Pocket Force after activating his Triple-Secure Cubed® Travel Guards on his front pockets. Now confident in his surroundings, he made his way through the network of underground tunnels beneath the City of Lights. Sometime during his journey, he would encounter the Dark Side of the force, BUT they were not strong enough to overcome the power of Pick-Pocket Proof Pockets...

The Clothing Arts Team is thrilled to share with you a new stopped pick-pocket testimonial today! This is your 229th known stopped pick-pocket around-the-world, and comes to us once again from Paris!

Interesting fact, pockets don't open themselves and we get stories all the time of zippers that magically move on their own. These are pick-pockets that notice something is more complex with your pockets and move on to another mark with easier pockets.

May the Anti-Pick-Pocket Force be strong on your next travel!

Here is how it happened:

Hello Clothing Arts,
I just returned from two weeks in Europe in which I wore my pick pocket proof pants. I liked them a lot.
First, they were amazingly comfortable. I ended up wearing them for the comfort factor.
Second, the zipper and button security front pockets gave me a feeling of great security in carrying my wallet and passport. I do think a pickpocket tried to get my wallet on the Paris underground as I later noticed that the front pocket zipper had been lowered to the guard and the wallet had been moved in my pocket. But it never even got close to removing the wallet.
Best wishes,
Bob F. from Evansville, Indiana

April 13, 2023

228th Stopped Pick-Pocket: No Dice In Buenos Aires!

Editor's Note: This is your first known stopped pick-pocket in Argentina and came to us via a Facebook comment.

April 02, 2023

227th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Athens Pick-Pocket Prevented At The Acropolis!

Editor's Note: This is your 14th known stopped pick-pocket in Greece. This also marks another stop for a traveler wearing a pair of our Women's Travel Pants!!

Dear Clothing Arts,

My Pick Picket Proof Pants saved me today. We were in Athens, Greece visiting the Acropolis. I shoved my passport and wallet in the front pockets and fastened Velcro and zippers. I also wore my small backpack with clips on the zippers, which is supposed to be hard to get into. Less valuable items went in here.

I thought I was very careful in the crowded area, but after we were out only 30 minutes, my husband noticed ALL three zippers on my backpack were open! It appears they only took a sealed bottle of water and a small flashlight, and I had no indication anyone was touching me!

Thankful that they were just looking for $ and didn’t take anything else. More thankful my passport and wallet were safe in my pants. I may wear these pants every day through the rest of our trip through Greece and Italy!

Toni F. from Davenport, Florida

March 19, 2023

226th Stopped Pick-Pocket: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "Stopped Pick-Pocket On My First Day In Paris"

Editor's Note: This is (amazingly) your 45th known stop in Paris and comes from a recent ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ review of our Adventure Traveler Pants!

March 05, 2023

225th Stopped Pick-Pocket: "Lots of Tourists & Lots of Criminals" in SoHo!

Editor's Note: This is your 5th known stopped pick-pocket in London.

Dear Clothing Arts,

You said," please respond to this email, we'd love to know how you heard about us!".

Well, I bought several pairs of the same pants last year.

By the way, your pants prevented me from getting pickpocketed last year in the SoHo part of London, lots of tourists and lots of criminals.

Thanks guys!

- Christopher H. from Palm Springs, California

February 14, 2023

224th Stopped Pick-Pocket: I Bought These Pants For The City Of Love!

Editor's Note: Since today is Valentines Day, we think nothing say love more than a new pair of Pick-Pocket Proof Pants for your trip to the "City of Love" aka the "Unofficial Pick-Pocket Capital of the World!" This testimonial marks your 44th known stopped pick-pocket in Paris alone and your 224th around-the-world... that we know about!

Dear Clothing Arts,

My husband and I just came back from a trip to Paris. I had bought him the Pick Pocket Proof Pants for this trip.

On our second day, on the Metro, a young lady was standing next to my husband. When he moved to give her more room, she moved with him. Next thing he knew, he felt a finger in his pants pocket.

He never felt the zipper coming up, but because of the button flap over the zipper, she could not get it up far enough to take out his wallet. He gave her the stare down, and she got off at the next station. He wore those pants everyday for the next two weeks!

- Cheryl W. from Mount Joy, Pennsylvania

February 02, 2023

223th Stopped Pick-Pocket: On The First Night In Naples, Everything Was Secure!

Editor's Note: This is your 6th known stopped pick-pocket in Naples! The photo above was taken by our founder / desiger Adam Rapp on his original travels that inspired the pants Bill G. was wearing during his trip to Naples. His testimonial came in via a Facebook comment.

--- Here Is Our Follow-Up ---

January 19, 2023

222nd Stopped Pick-Pocket: "You Didn't Get What You Were Looking For" In Rome!

Editor's Note: This is your 35th known stopped pick-pocket in Rome!

Dear Clothing Arts,

I recently purchased your Pick-Pocket Proof Adventure Travel Pants for my vacation to Europe. I want to report a successful pick-pocket stop at the Metro in Rome, which occurred on June 14th.

While in Rome, I boarded the red-line train at the Metro Termini (Train Central Station) to head back to my hotel. The train was mostly full but had a little bit of room to move. I was standing near a door when the train departed. Two women about 25 years old, both dressed in a white Polo with a green collar and green sleeves, approached me, speaking English with a strong Austrian accent. One woman stood on my left side, out of view, while the second one asked me several questions about what direction the train was going and if she was on the right train. She asked if a specific stop was part of the route.

As I turned left to look at the route map over the door, the second woman moved behind me and to my right side. I took a slight step right and felt her hand near my front pocket. Upon feeling that, I checked my pockets to find that the front zipper had been zipped up to under the button flap for both front pockets. The button had not been undone on either side, and the inner zipper remained unzipped. I had my phone in my left front pocket and my wallet and passport in my right front pocket all behind the inner zipper, and lost nothing. I then turned to the women and said, "you didn't get what you were looking for, did you?" They both looked at me in disgust and moved on.

This was at the beginning of my vacation, and the Pick-Pocket Proof Adventure Travel Pants saved a lot of frustration and money. Thank you for making such a great product. They are well worth the investment!

Best regards,

Todd T. from Sioux Falls, South Dakota​

January 10, 2023

221st Stopped Pick-Pocket: "Mexico City Pick-Pocketers Thwarted"

Editor's Note: This is your 3rd stopped pick-pocket in Mexico. Adam's testimonial came via a ***** Review for his Adventure Traveler Pants.

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