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May 22, 2018

77th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Malawi Market ATM Team


With my recently arrived pair of Pick-Pocket Proof® Adventure Travel Pants in my bag, I set off for the warm heart of Africa -- Malawi. A beautiful country with the warmest and friendliest people anywhere. Nevertheless, I did encounter a small group of young men near the Lilongwe market who were keen to help me out of the funds I had recently withdrawn from an ATM. Thanks to the many hidden pockets in your pants, they found nothing, despite a concerted effort.

Not only are these pants great for concealing money, but my wallet, passport, and other items all the while looking like I had nothing in my pockets! Plus, they are very comfortable - surprising considering how much I was carrying.
Your pants saved me from what could have been an extremely unfortunate incident. Thanks!!!

I heartily recommend your pants to anyone preparing for an overseas voyage.

- Bill from Maryland, USA

May 22, 2018

76th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Paris Metro Team Thwarted Again!

Editor's Note: This is our 13th stopped pick-pocket in Paris... that we know about!

Dear Clothing Arts,

I am a great fan of your clothing. My first pants (the old cotton Business Travelers) from you were purchased in March of 2013. In June of that year they thwarted a group of 3 pick-pockets while ascending the stairs from the Paris Metro.

Sorry, but I never let you know. Since then I purchased and wear an additional 3 pairs of shorts, 2 cargo pants, 1 brown business pants and 1 jacket. I like them all.

- Richard from Pennsylvania, USA

May 10, 2018

75th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Kiev Pick-Pocket Duo Disappear Empty Handed

Dear Clothing Arts,

I just got back from an around-the-world trip, and I thought I would follow up with you.

I know of only one instance where a pickpocket was foiled by the pants. Others may have been deterred so that they did not even try as I visited many cities (Barcelona, Rome, Sevilla, Sofia, etc., just to name a few).

Here’s the story….

It was about October 12, and we had traveled by train from Lviv, Ukraine to Kiev, Ukraine. We had three luggage bags (two large, one small); I managed the two large bags while my partner managed the small bag. Unfortunately, there was no elevator lift from the platform to the exit level, and there were about 30-40 stairs in a wide staircase. I grabbed the two large bags, one in each hand, and began the walk up the stairs. With two fifty-pound bags, my hands were occupied. The pickpockets waited until I was half way up the stairs, so I was in the middle of the ascent. I wasn’t aware of them, but I suddenly felt my left pocket begin to open. I wasn’t worried because my credit cards and money were securely in the inside pocket, but I knew immediately what was happening. I aggressively turned to investigate and intended to knock whoever was behind me down the 15 stairs. But alas, the two women aborted their mission and brushed on by me quickly. I presume that they understood their vulnerable position. But I was happy as the entire incident only lasted about 3 seconds, and they were gone—with nothing.

- John from Hawaii, USA

April 05, 2018

74th Stopped Pick-Pocket: New Zealand Pick-Pockets Disappear Empty Handed!

Editor's Note: This testimonial was taken from a Facebook comment.

I have a couple pairs of these and they're great pants for security - I have frequently put stuff in the secret area of the front pocket and then myself can't figure out how to get at it! I also felt a pickpocket try to open one of the back pockets while on a busy street overseas. So yup, they DO work.

---- Our follow-up -----

Hey Max .... This is Adam, the owner of Clothing Arts. Congrats on stopping a pick-pocket! Your story is stop #74. Could you elaborate on how it happened so we can add it to the testimonial?

---- How It Happened ----

I HATE doing this because I love the country of New Zealand so much but, yes, this happened in Auckland, 2015, downtown in a throng of people. I felt the pants tug, and my wife also felt someone grab at her purse with no success. When we looked behind us of course we saw zero obvious suspects

Max from Iowa, USA

January 29, 2018

73rd Stopped Pick-Pocket: Carterista Blocked in Cartagena, Colombia

Street shot of Cartagena with the Catedral Basílica Metropolitana de Santa Catalina de Alejandría to the back left.

Editor's Note: This story comes to us through the comments on a new order! Since then, we've gotten a little more detail on his stop in Cartagena. We're glad to see Kevin's Pick-Pocket Proof® Adventure Shorts protecting his valuables on his travels and we can't wait for him to try out his new shorts when he gets back from his trip. On another note, Colombia is a new country for us. This stop in Cartagena marks our 4th stop in South America!

Order Comments:

I used my current pair of P^3 shorts in Cartagena, Colombia last year. They saved me from at least one pick-pocket attempt. That save paid for these shorts. We leave on the 21st of January for Medellin, Colombia. My old shorts will have to stand guard until I get the new ones in March.

Email With More Info On The Stop:

Last year, on a trip to Cartagena, I was without question the target of a pick-pocket. This was not an otherwise honest person taking advantage of a wallet sticking out of an open pocket as I was completely zipped up and buttoned down.

Cartagena is an old Spanish walled city with very narrow streets and equally narrow sidewalks. I was walking behind my wife on a quiet sidewalk only wide enough for one person to travel. The pick-pocket came from behind and grabbed my hips with both hands right where my front pockets should open. This was done under the guise of attempting to pass me on this super narrow sidewalk. As she grabbed for my pockets, she yelled at me in Spanish. I knew for sure that this was a pick-pocket attempt as she then immediately walked diagonally across the quiet street and disappeared into a building.   She made no attempt to get back on the sidewalk and walk in front of me. As I mentioned, she was unsuccessful! My pockets were zipped up and buttoned and as such still contained my phone and wallet.

I am happy to share this experience with you as opposed to recalling it for the police.

- Kevin from Calgary, Canada

January 04, 2018

72nd Stopped Pick-Pocket: Jostle in Johannesburg, South Africa

Panorama of the central business district of Johannesburg, South Africa.

Editor's Note: This story comes to us from a friend of the company. Chris, a traveler from Brooklyn, New York, recently returned from a trip to South Africa with his Pick-Pocket Proof® Adventure Pants. He encountered a pick-pocket in the country's largest city, Johannesburg. Check out the full story below!

Chris and a group of friends were walking down the street after dinner and drinks and found themselves followed by some locals. Chris felt a brush and tug against his side pocket, and in the same moment, out of the corner of his eye, he saw one of them getting dangerously close to a friend and reaching out towards a hanging shoulder bag, fingers inching under the flap. A third flanked them from the other side and was working his way into a back pocket.

Upon noticing, the group of friends and some helpful locals confronted the pick-pockets. Luckily, no one was injured in the altercation and all of the belongings were rightfully returned.

- Experience of Chris from Brooklyn, New York

December 21, 2017

70th & 71st Stopped Pick-Pockets: Two Stops In One Trip - Rome & Barcelona!

(Left) Arch of Constantine in Rome, Italy | (Right) Aerial View of Las Ramblas in Barcelona, Spain

Editor's Note: This stopped pick-pocket story originally comes from a ***** star review on our Pick-Pocket Proof® Adventure Travel Pants. Our Founder / Designer immediately reached out and was able to get some more detailed information on the stopped pick-pocket experiences. Check out Clark's original review and full email below!

Dear Clothing Arts,

I don't know if you remember, however I ordered the Travel Pants, but they were not scheduled to arrive until after we departed. You answered the phone as you were leaving the shop, and personally got me the Adventure pants - overnight - as a replacement!! (BTW-I just ordered the Travel pants yesterday in anticipation of my 6th trip to Russia, searching for the remains of Grand Duke Mikhail Romanov. The GD, brother of Tsar Nikolas, was actually the last Tzar and was murdered in June 1918 outside the city of Perm.)

Incident #1 - Barcelona

We were walking on a side street of Las Ramblas, actually in the market - fish, meat, pastries, cheese, vegetables...and it was crowded! I felt someone brush against me - not unusual, however their hand was trying to open my front right pocket. I never got a good look at the perpetrator due to the movement of the crowd.

Incident #2 - Rome

I have lived and worked in many countries and try to blend. I usually buy a local newspaper and shove it under my arm, hoping the locals will think I belong. Unfortunately I did not have time to purchase a paper and was trying to figure out the train platform and departure time. I just looked lost and harried and hence a target for being bumped into with the intent of relieving me of my wallet. The individuals who "bumped" into me were very apologetic and, of course, worried about the mess they had made with my clothes, especially the pants which they tried to smooth out! Sorry about their luck!

- G. Clark from Colorado, USA

December 19, 2017

2017 Honorable Mention Round Up!

Not Quite a Stopped Pick-Pocket, Not Quite a Typical Travel Day...

Editor's Note: Sometimes pick-pockets and would be pick-pockets are simply deterred by our travelwear and not actually caught red-handed. We refer to these as honorable mentions. Here are our honorable mentions for 2017.

Venice Vaporetto Deterrence!

Hands Sculpture on the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy

Dear Clothing Arts,

Prior to our trip from California to Italy, I purchased 3 pairs of Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof Pants. I wore them everywhere as I felt secure and they were very comfortable.

I was traveling in Venice on a Vaporetto (water bus) on my way to the train station from my hotel. I was obviously a tourist as I had my luggage and a backpack with me. The Vaporetto was very crowded with people standing very close to each other, which was prime for pick-pockets.

I looked over at two young men standing next to me and they were speaking Italian which I didn't understand, but I did understand they were talking about me when one of the men nodded to the other then he pointed to my pants. He said (in Italian) something then pulled his shirt down to cover his pockets. They both laughed. He pointed to me and my pants and shook his head to his friend. They both laughed again.

While there was no attempt at being pick-pocketed, I believe the appearance of these pants stopped any potential attempt. I'm sure these guys have done this before.

A couple days later I was entering the Ufizzi Gallery in Florence. Security scanned me and said "what's in your pocket?". After opening the clasp, the zipper and the Velcro ( and slowing down the line), I pulled out my wallet. She then asked what was in my other pocket, and I told her it was another wallet for my US dollars. She didn't want me to go through the same slow process so she just rolled her eyes and waved me through.

The pants are great and comfortable, but one has to remember to use all the safety features...keep them on the inside pocket protected by either Velcro or the zipper plus use the outside zipper AND the flap closure.

- Bill from California, USA

Fanny Pack Thief in Barcelona!

Dear Clothing Arts,

When I was in Barcelona in 2014 I had my wallet and valuables in my p^cubed pants and was wearing an additional frontal fanny pack with sunglasses and tissues in it. My wife and I were on a local train when I realized there was a man's hand in my fanny pack. He did not get anything. I guess he was intimidated by my p^cubed pants and went for what he thought would be easier pickings. I just ordered a pair of shorts for our SE Asia trip. Thanks for your clever inventiveness!

- Jay from Niguel, CA

Infamous Roman #64 Bus Route Bandit Blocked!

Dear Clothing Arts,

I was in Rome in mid December 2017 and didn't go a day during our eight-day visit without my nylon Clothing Arts Travel Pants. In my previous visits to the Eternal City, the possibility of encountering a pick-pocket was always in the back of my mind. With my new pants, I was able to enjoy my vacation with added leisure.

My story is not about a thwarted pickpocket, but about how my brother will likely be a future Clothing Arts customer. There are two places in Rome that are on the notorious pickpocket list: Termini train station and the 64 bus. My brother and I and other family members were waiting at a 64 bus stop when a crowded bus pulled up. We waited until our other family members were on the bus before we squeezed in. As we jostled for room, a small woman jumped on the bus next to my brother and sister-in-law. The female would-be thief first attempted to unzip my sister-in-law's purse. When my sister-in-law protested, the woman moved and in a moment had her sights on my brother, who was wearing jeans and had his wallet in his hand in his front right pocket. That didn't matter. In a flash the young woman slipped her small hand in his front pocket – even as he was holding his wallet! My brother, who is three times her size, grabbed her arm and shoved her out of the bus. This all happened before the doors closed!

For peace of mind I highly recommend buying at least one pair of Clothing Arts pants. It's much cheaper than the loss of a credit card or a wallet full of cash.

- Chris from Wichita, Kansas

December 18, 2017

69th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Secure Pockets Save Study Abroad Experience In Rabat, Morocco!

The Hassan Tower (Tour Hassan) In Rabat, Morocco

Editor's Note: This story comes to us via a 5 star review on our Pick-Pocket Proof® Adventure Travel Pants. The pants were given to William as a gift before he left for a semester abroad. It goes to show that it pays to be prepared. We are thrilled to hear that giving the gift of travel security helped save William's experience in Morocco and gave him peace of mind as he traveled through numerous countries. Check out the full review below!

December 18, 2017

68th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Map Wielding Bandit Blocked in Lisbon!

Walking up to The Santa Justa Lift in Lisbon, Portugal

Editor's Note: This is our second stop in Lisbon! Check out the first one (stop #62) here!

Dear Clothing Arts,

Four couples were in Lisbon, Portugal in October of this year. We were walking through the streets just past the city elevator, the Santa Justa Lift, when I noticed someone touching the back of my pants. I quickly turned to find a young man with a city map in his left hand opened to hide his right hand. He had tried to open my left rear pocket and steal my passport with his right hand. I smiled and moved away from him. He stopped, looked frustrated and turned 180 degrees and walked away without looking at his map.

I can understand his frustration – I find it difficult to securely zip and button my rear pocket. And that’s a good thing! When I travel I always wear Clothing Arts pick picket proof pants. Always!

- Bill from South Carolina, USA

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