169th Stopped Pick-Pocket: The Good Experience of Not Getting Pickpocketed in Italy!

Dear Clothing Arts,

While getting on a bus from Palermo to Monreale last year, I had the good experience of not getting pickpocketed. Three men had blocked me in so it wasn’t possible to get my arm down, while one was trying to get my right pocket open. Fortunately, my wallet and phone were secure in the pockets of my Clothing Arts Pants.

Having traveled extensively in Italy, I now realize that one is much safer to keep your Clothing Arts clothes on, rather than leaving them behind, even in a locked hotel room. Alas, I left my new Cubed Jacket in the locked hotel room, since the weather in Venice wasn’t cold enough to wear it, but didn’t think to remove my passport and money. Returning after 6 hours, the door was locked, but the Cubed Jacket was gone along with my passport and money. I loved the Cubed Jacket, and my three month trip to Italy from mid-Oct to mid-Jan was my first use. I have five pairs of the slacks and love them well enough to wear them at home in Asheville. I have recommended them to friends, who have also bought them. You need to advertise more widely. Best travel clothes, ever.

- Richard N. from Asheville, North Carolina.