172nd Stopped Pick-Pocket: A Little Help At Gare du Nord in Paris!

Editor's Note: This is your 32nd stopped pick-pocket in the city. Paris extends its lead over Rome to 5 stops as the "Unofficial" Pick-Pocket Capital of the World. This story was sent to us via Facebook & we received an update via email.

Dear Clothing Arts,

My husband and I had just boarded the RER at Gare du Nord in Paris, returning from a week in Lille. The train was crowded and as we boarded, a man reached to help my husband with his suitcase. Husband shook his head “no”, and at the same time felt a hand on his back pocket. Classic distraction pick.

Both men jumped off just as the doors closed and went in search of an easier victim.

My husband always thinks he is too aware to be caught by a pickpocket, and wears these pants to spare himself my nagging (he carries most of our cash). I think this made him a believer.

- Kathy Y. from Anchorage, Alaska