166th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Freedom From Worry In Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!

Editor's Note: This is your first known stop in Ethiopia!

Dear Clothing Arts,

In September 2016, my wife and I were walking around Addis Ababa, with my small travel wallet - limited cash, 2 credit cards, ATM card and passport copies only. My wallet was secured inside the small zippered compartment (I can hardly get it out), inside the zippered and buttoned front pocket of my 3P Pants.
Four young men, claiming to be from the nearby university, tried to interest us in some printed material. As we slowed to look, I could feel them tightening the circle around us. Knowing they could never get near my wallet, I felt completely comfortable starting to swing my arms around without worrying that one or two of them would use the distraction to go for my pockets.

In any event, my freedom from worry allowed me to create a sufficient disturbance to cause the men to disperse. Needless to say, my wallet remained securely in my pocket.

Craig H. from New York, New York