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October 17, 2018

90th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Paris Pick-Pocket Duo Decides Against The Challenge!

Editor's Note:  We design our pockets to deter pick-pockets well before they ever think about an attempt. A pick-pocket is looking for an easy target, and in our pants, with your valuables stored behind multiple levels of security, you are anything but... The front zippers will tell them to go find another mark with pockets they are accustomed to dealing with. This testimonial is the first deterred pick-pocket we have published as it was witnessed. Most pick-pocket attempts go unreported and unless you catch them red-handed there is "no one to hear the tree fall in the forest." This is the 14th stopped pick-pocket in Paris.

Dear Clothing Arts,

We just got back from trip to Russia and France for which I bought your pick-pocket proof pants. My wife noted two guys standing behind me in a ticket line in Paris looking at my pants. They left the line, apparently concluding that the pants were difficult targets.

- Roger from New York, USA

October 12, 2018

89th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Naples to Sorrento Circumvesuviana Train Theft Prevented, Italy

Editor's Note: This testimonial was originally posted as a review on our Adventure Traveler Pants.

Original Title: In Two Words...They Worked!
Rating: ★★★★★
Product: Adventure Traveler Pants

On October 1, 2018, my wife and I got on a commuter train from Naples to Sorrento, Italy. We had been warned about pickpockets operating in the Naples train station, so I had put on my Pickpocket Proof Travel Pants in anticipation. The train platform was packed and we let the first train fill and leave the station. The second train pulled in and it looked like it would fill before we could get on. At the last second, a young man reached out and, almost literally, pulled us into the train car as the doors were closing. We were standing up and packed so tightly that sardines couldn't have breathed! For next 30 minutes, we rode cheek-by-jowl (and other body parts) with fellow train passengers. The man who helped me on the train was right next to me the whole time, and several times I thought I felt his hand on my thigh. Finally, the train car thinned out so I could turn away from him. He got off at the next stop and I reached down to my right front pocket: the button was undone, the zipper was halfway down - but my wallet was safe in my velcro pocket! Cash, ID and credit cards all safe. These pants were the best investment of my trip!

- Scott from Colorado, USA

October 11, 2018

88th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Hermitage Museum Makes 3rd Straight in St. Petersburg, Russia!

Editor's Note: This is your fourth stop in St. Petersburg overall and incredibly the third in a row for the city! It looks like there is a new contender for our top pick-pocket city list in the making.

Dear Clothing Arts,

While doing a tour of the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia on September 24, 2018, I went thru a crowded room going toward the exit. There was a lot of pushing and shoving. When I got into the open, I found that my outer zipper was in the UP position. My wallet was in my front left pocket, in the inner secure pocket, and Euros were folded in the inner zipper pocket. All still secure and safe.

Well done Clothing Arts.

- George F. from Georgia, USA​

September 11, 2018

87th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Baltic Cruise Save in St. Petersburg, Russia!

Editors Note: This is stopped pick-pocket #3 for St. Petersburg overall and the second stop in a row!

This testimonial was taken from a recent ★★★★★ reveiw:
Got these right before a Baltic cruise. Thought I was going overboard with the security until I got bumped in St. Petersburg... Our guide yelled, then asked me to check my pockets. Nope, nothing taken. My wallet was in the left front pocket, inside the Velcro inner pocket. The outside pocket was zipped and the safety flap buttoned. No way it would be easy to get. Overall the pants are roomy and comfortable to travel in. They dry quickly and don’t seem to attract stains.

August 09, 2018

86th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Hermitage Pick-Pocket Stopped in St. Petersburg, Russia

Editors Note: This is our second stop in St. Petersburg!

Dear Clothing Arts,

While touring the Hermitage in St. Petersburg, Russia on June 21st someone attempted to get my wallet out of my front right pocket. The museum was very crowded and going thru a crowded doorway, I felt some pressure against my right side.

We got to an open area and found that the zipper had been raised, but my wallet was still safe in the inner secure area.

Thanks so much for your great product.

Wayne M from Massachusetts, USA

August 02, 2018

85th Stopped Pick-Pocket: The Michelangelo's David of Stopped Pick-Pockets in Florence!

Dear Clothing Arts,

I was in the Galleria dell'Accademia (the museum where Michelangelo’s David statue is) in Florence last December and it was mobbed. Some of the galleries were really crushed in. When I left the museum I discovered that the zipper on my right hand-pocket had been pulled up to the button over flap. Someone clearly tried to unzip the pocket but was stopped by the flap.  

Thank you Clothing Arts!

- Jeffrey W from Pennsylvania, USA

July 19, 2018

83rd & 84th Stopped Pick-Pockets: Rome & Prague, Plus First Cubed® Travel Jacket Stop!

Editors Note: This is stop #21 for Rome! Left photo is the Tiber Bridge in Rome & right is the Charles Bridge in Prague mentioned below.

Dear Clothing Arts,

Just wanted to let you know, my husband and I have been wearing your great pants for many years. On our first trip with them several years ago, we went to Rome. My husband groused a bit about having to unzip and unbutton "just to get his phone" out of his pants pocket. I explained that he didn't have to since there are clever buttons he could use to fasten the tabs out of the way instead of buttoning them to protect the pockets. And what the heck, it's only a brand new iPhone. Maybe he was feeling lucky.

So he secured the phone properly in his pocket, and we headed to the train. I thought it was annoying that a very young girl pushed past us to get in the train first and then just hung on the column at the door. Everyone had to push past her to board the train! Then my husband noticed a tug at his pocket - she had gotten one button only half opened. It was so secure that she couldn't open it entirely without him distinctly feeling it, so his new phone was secure. He picked her up and placed her back on the platform while yelling "pickpocket!" and pointing to her.

She wasn't happy, but we were! Another rider was not as lucky, as a pickpocket had gotten his phone. We explained the P-cubed pants to him and his friends, and he pledged to get some before his next trip.

We both recently got new pairs of the pants and loved the new fabric which easily dries overnight after having been washed out in the sink. Great for lean packing!

This past Christmas I got your new pickpocket proof jacket for my husband. Even he noticed how beautifully it is made! The zippers are awesome. And, as expected, it is safe with lots of room for valuables to be handy yet secure.

We were in the Czech Republic in October, and he wore his jacket. And your advertising is accurate- it keeps him perfectly comfortable in all kinds of weather by simply adjusting the layers he wears underneath.

We have been to Prague before, and it's becoming increasingly popular. We were crossing the Charles Bridge which had a craft fair on it. A couple of young men were visiting with each other and talking and having a great time. Not paying attention to other pedestrians, they bumped into my husband. It turns out they were trying to pick his pocket with his phone. They failed! The jacket is as protective as it is great looking!

So thank you so much for great products! They do all you promise and look great. We will continue to be happy customers and will continue to sell them to our friends and acquaintances.

- Armin from Texas, USA


July 05, 2018

82nd Stopped Pick-Pocket: Lima Market Team Bumps & Grabs Zip

Editor's Note: This is stop #2 in Lima, Peru!

​Dear Clothing Arts,


My wife decided that I needed some pick pocket proof pants. I disagreed, as we have traveled the world for years without any problems.

That being said on 02-22-18 I received my shorts in the mail. On 03-11-18 I found myself in Lima Peru at the Minka marketplace. When we arrived the market was uncrowded, we were in a group of about 20 people and even a security guard assigned to keep an eye on us. But as the market gets very busy it is almost impossible to move a group through a large crowd. As I take many pictures I also tend to either get out in front of the group or behind.

I was lagging behind when a little old lady ran her shopping card into my leg causing me to stop abruptly and turn to my left to see what happened. As I did,a young man ran into the back of me. The little old lady never missed a step and never looked at me and speed off. As I turned to see who had run into me a young boy about 16 to 18 with his head down took off running the other way. I would have never caught him at all.

By the time I realized what had even happened it was over. Pick Pocket proof shorts 1 - Pickpocket 0

My wife said later that I had the pants only two weeks and they had paid for themselves many times over. And the slacks are on order.

Ron from Nevada, USA

PS: I have received the slacks already and they are awesome.

June 28, 2018

79th, 80th, & 81st Stopped Pick-Pockets: Italian Mass Transit Multi-Stop in Naples & Rome!

Editors Note: This is stop #20 for Rome!

Dear Clothing Arts,

I bought my two pairs of Adventure Travel pants for my trip to Italy three years ago, including Naples which is the second riskiest city in the world for pickpockets. My pants thwarted THREE attempts on mass transit. We always try to use mass transit as it is how the locals travel.

We are all crowded in together and as they attempted to get past the button and zipper I could feel their efforts and called them out.

It is ideal pickpocket country. Actually, in hindsight, two were on the buses in Naples and one was on the subway in Rome.

I have since purchased the dress version.

Bill from New York, USA


June 07, 2018

78th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Vegas Bump & Grab Team Craps Out

Another stop. Las Vegas (Editors Note: Actual Title of Emailed Testimonial)

Dear Clothing Arts,

I have a testimonial. I am a certified customer. Last Monday I was bumped and had a tug on my pick pocket proof pants at the Aria casino in Las Vegas.

I’ve been impressed with the pants so far and was surprised when it happened. It was interesting how I couldn’t really tell which one of a small group of people moving by had “bumped me”.

- Paul from Florida, USA  

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