189th Stopped Pick-Pocket: A Frustrating Day To Be A Pick-Pocket In Florence!

Editor's Note: This is your 5th known stop in Florence.

Dear Clothing Arts,

Just wanted to send a note and t​h​ank you. We just got back from a great trip in Italy, where I was wearing my new Adventure Travel Pants. I was being double paranoid, using a money belt and a decoy wallet in the back pocket of my pants.

No issues that I know of in the airports, or over most of the trip, but that changed when we took the train from Florence to Rome. It wasn't long at the Florence train station before I noticed the back right button on my rear pocket was undone, and the zipper was partially open. They of course never got into the pocket itself, much less to my decoy wallet in the inside pocket.

Hopefully, I gave the attempted pickpocket a frustrating day!

Regardless, the pants helped take a lot of stress and worry out of our travels, as I was able to feel confident that nothing would be stolen.

Jerry W. from Edmond, Oklahoma