196th Stopped Pick-Pocket: My Pants Saved My Trip To France!

Editor's Note: Paris may be one of the "Unofficial Pick-Pocket Capitals Of The World," but this testimonial reinforces that it pays to be prepared no matter your destination. Idyllic Strasbourg doesn't seem like a pick-pocket mecca, but as long as tourists visit, the pick-pockets are sure to follow.

Dear Clothing Arts,

My PPP Pants saved me from a pick-pocket in a packed train station elevator in Strasbourg, France last September. Two young "gypsy" ladies turned out to be working pickpockets in the train station elevator and one of them tried to get into my pockets while I was packed in like a sardine and could not physically react.
I felt the girl trying to get into my pockets but she could not. While one girl yelled and pointed to the elevator ceiling the other tried to get into my pants (no double entendre intended). She could not get my pockets open. They were closed for business.

My pants saved my trip to France. I reported the attempt to the police who caught the perps who were regularly doing this crowded elevator scam. We probably stopped a lot of other travelers from getting picked.

- Harold C. from Arroyo Grande, California