92/93/94/95th Stopped Pick-Pockets: Incredible Athens Airport Metro Quadruple Stop!

Editor's Note: This is the 7th overall stopped pick-pocket in Athens and the second multi-stop by a single traveler. Read the previous testimonial here: 15 & 16th Stopped Pick-Pocket by One Traveler in Athens!

Dear Clothing Arts,

Add me to your list of happy customers who have thwarted pick-pockets due to your pants. I was taking the Metro from the Athens airport to downtown. I had read that there were pickpockets especially at the Syntagma station where I had to transfer trains. Well, not once, but I was saved 4 times by my pickpocket proof pants.

First, when I stood to exit the train, I was held up by what seemed a normally crowded car, but then I realized I was being intentionally held up as someone grazed my back pocket. I had to push my way out of the car. My zippered and buttoned back pocket saved my wallet and passport.  

I entered the next train car which I was to take only one stop. I stood by the door and a fellow got right up in front of me. I stared him in the face as if to say, “I can see you so don’t try anything.” At this time a young woman behind me directed some comments to me in Greek. As the door opened at my stop, the fellow in front of me tried to impede me, as someone brushed up against me from behind. Once again, I had to forcefully shove the guy in front of me so I could keep moving.

As I proceeded toward the escalator, I saw the woman who had directed some words to me in the train. She saw me and said, “They were trying to rob you.” I assured her that my zippered pockets had saved the day. So then, I am riding up the escalator to the exit and a fellow ahead of me steps back down the escalator as we near the top of the ride and obstructs me, as someone brushed up against me from behind! Once again, I forcefully shoved this fellow aside and had aborted a third attempt at felony. This same fellow then raced ahead of me on the second escalator taking us up to street level and stood poised above me about 4 steps staring back at me. I stared him right in the face, not believing his boldness/stupidity. Sure enough, as we hit the end of the escalator’s climb he stood there in my way slowing me up so his accomplice could go for my rear pocket. Once again I shoved the perpetrator aside who then motioned to his accomplice (a female) that they should move on.

I could not believe the number of attempts in such a small period of time. I had never had this experience before. Was in Athens for a week and never had another incident, the town seemed quite safe otherwise. I took the bus back to the airport to be safer when exiting town. The Pick-Pocket Proof pants I was wearing left me with a confident feeling that no pickpocket would be able to remove anything from my person. The pants paid for themselves right there.  

Thanks, Clothing Arts.

Greg from Pennsylvania, USA