15 & 16th Stopped Pick-Pocket by One Traveler in Athens!

Dear Clothing Arts,

We were traveling in Greece and Turkey in October, 2014. This was my first trip with my new ClothingArts slacks. Two pick-pocket attempts were foiled in Athens.

The first was in a crowd listening to street music, where I was quite mindful of possible pick-pockets. A young child first "bumped" into me right at my back pocket level, followed shortly by another pressure against the same pocket, apparently from an adult I saw walking away. The concealed zipper on the slacks seemed to been a significant deterrent there.

The second attempt was on a crowded Athens subway. I knew it was coming. As my wife and I stood in the car I watch five men make their way down the car, with one selling Kleenex as a distraction. They stopped around me, but didn't get off at that station. As several of the men were pressed up against me, I could then feel the zipper on my front pocket being pulled - the pocket where I kept my wallet. Fortunately the wallet was inside the second velcro enclosure inside the pocket, and our stop was next, so I said "excuse me" and pushed towards the door. The men would not even move out of the way for my wife and I, but we shoved our way out the door with all our valuables in tact.

Thanks for the extra protection of these slacks. - Bill from California