14th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Athens Metro Pick-Pocket Team

Dear Clothing Arts,

I knew I would be a good pick-pocket target in Europe. On the Athens Metro, Acropolis station stop, there are a lot of tourists because of the Parthenon Temple above. I remember the station was crowded as usual. When I was aboard the train, I could feel someone touch my front pocket, but I wasn't aware of exactly what was happening because it was so crowded. After the train door closed, one guy touched my shoulder and tried to talk to me: "Do you know English?"

I didn't reply to him and pretended I didn't understand. At the same moment, I could feel movement in my front pocket. When I looked down, someone touched my shoulder again and asked, "This station?"

I looked at him and immediately looked down at my front pocket. I saw another guy was using his finger and trying to open my pocket. Of course, he failed. I slapped his hand and looked right at him. He looked so confused and embarrassed!

At the same time, we arrived at my destination. Before I left the train, I pointed to the two guys and yelled "thief." The door closed and everyone was staring at them.

Thanks for the great pants!

Bill from CA, USA

Photo: Bill & Clothing Arts owner/designer Adam Rapp at the San Francisco Travel & Adventure Show right after Bill told us about the stopped pick-pocket!