96th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Paris Gare du Nord Metro Station Stop!

Editors Note: This is your 15th overall stop in Paris. 

Dear Clothing Arts,

Before leaving for Ireland and France in September, I mentioned to our traveling companions that pick-pockets were a real threat in Paris, especially on trains! One thought I was just being paranoid and since he is about 6’3” and 250lbs, thieves would likely strike elsewhere. Besides, he would be wearing double button cargo shorts so he would be safe enough, right?

Well, guess what? While boarding a train to Paris at a country station outside Paris, BOOM!, his cell phone disappeared from his two-button secured, back pocket … within a distance of about 12 feet and 10 seconds. He felt and saw nothing but yet the phone was gone. He hadn’t sat down or in any other way had put the phone at risk of falling out of his pocket either.

That same day two other friends of ours were with my wife and I in Paris as we were attempting to insert those little train tickets into the turnstile at a train station. One friend felt someone’s hand in the crowd brush her hand while holding the zipper on her purse. She held on tight and the attempt failed. Whew!

Then, on September 18th, the six of us were entering the Gare du Nord station in Paris. Again at the ticket turnstile with crowds of people around, wearing my Clothing Arts Travel Pants, I felt a hand ‘brush’ my left … secured pocket … and lost nothing. I spun around and the thief threw up both of his hands and basically said “What’s the problem?” and promptly disappeared. So, yea Clothing Arts!

But the story isn’t yet over.

The 6 of us regrouped and made our way to a train that was heavily crowded. AND we were on for just ONE stop!

Guess what?

My friend who had lost his cell phone, within 5 minutes of my successful deterrence, had his wallet stolen. (I actually saw the 2 men tag team, of thieves brazenly ‘do the deed,’ but unfortunately, in my naivete, I didn’t understand what I was seeing UNTIL we got off the train, and discovered the theft.)

All of this really did spoil our Paris feelings but reinforced the need for your products whenever we travel. I have a pretty clear feeling that you now have more customers for their next trip.

- Lance M, Washington, USA