97th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Bali International "Grab" & Bump!

​Editor's Note: This is your first stop in Indonesia.

Dear Clothing Arts,

I was very anxious to get your shorts prior to my trip to Bali, Indonesia. Thankfully they arrived right before my departure. I traveled from LAX to Hong Kong to Bali International. I felt so much more secure and confident with my belongings wearing your clothing right from the very start of my trip. It was on my trip back from Bali to the US where I had a particularly uncomfortable encounter. You think Bali, the land of yoga and meditation and peace, but their airport is one of the worst I’ve seen. I was waiting in the security line where this guy does a full body press on me. I thought he wanted a piggyback ride or something.

I turn around and he acts like everything’s normal. Well, I’ve got all my money, wallet, and passport buried deep in my pockets, zipped, buttoned, secured. I check everything after my bodycheck from this guy and everything was good. What this guy’s intentions were I can’t be positive, but I was very glad to have your shorts on.  

I love these shorts so much, I immediately ordered a second pair (and now I’ve ordered the cubed travel jacket as well). The quality is great, but the peace of mind is possibly even better.  

Thanks for a great product!

Tom W. from California, USA ​