91st Stopped Pick-Pocket: Barcelona Metro Team Head Home Empty Handed!

Editor's Note: This is your 9th stopped pick-pocket in Barcelona!

Dear Clothing Arts,
On Day 4 of our trip to Spain this month, we were on the Barcelona metro at rush hour, on our way back to the hotel from a day out. At the stop before ours four young men boarded, three stood between us and the door. Oddly, one moved behind me and stood there without grabbing a rail. As the train pulled into the station one of the men who stood in front of my wife suddenly bent over and began to wretch and spit up a little bit on the floor. His and his friend's position prevented my wife from moving forward. The man on the floor looked up at us and wretched again. At that point, I noticed the man behind me had his hand in my front pocket. I removed the man’s hand and we exited. Because of Barcelona’s reputation for active pick-pockets, I never went anywhere without my wallet and passport zipped inside the interior pocket of my Clothing Arts business shorts. The man managed to unzip the outer pocket without me noticing – so I was grateful for the secret Clothing Arts zipped pocket – two zippers too many to undo. Without Clothing Arts shorts I would have been without money, credit cards and travel docs. Whew. By the way, I wear my Clothing Arts business shorts even when not traveling all summer long because they are my favorite fit and finish of any short available.
So thanks for your great shorts, I’ll never travel anywhere without them.

- Charles S. from North Carolina, USA