90th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Paris Pick-Pocket Duo Decides Against The Challenge!

Editor's Note:  We design our pockets to deter pick-pockets well before they ever think about an attempt. A pick-pocket is looking for an easy target, and in our pants, with your valuables stored behind multiple levels of security, you are anything but... The front zippers will tell them to go find another mark with pockets they are accustomed to dealing with. This testimonial is the first deterred pick-pocket we have published as it was witnessed. Most pick-pocket attempts go unreported and unless you catch them red-handed there is "no one to hear the tree fall in the forest." This is the 14th stopped pick-pocket in Paris.

Dear Clothing Arts,

We just got back from trip to Russia and France for which I bought your pick-pocket proof pants. My wife noted two guys standing behind me in a ticket line in Paris looking at my pants. They left the line, apparently concluding that the pants were difficult targets.

- Roger from New York, USA