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February 21, 2017

44th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Theft At Chiang Mai Night Market Thwarted!


Dear Clothing Arts,

Two days after the annual flower festival, I was walking down the main road of the night market in Chiang Mai, Thailand around midnight. The crowd was rather thick and I found myself having to literally brush up against others in order to get through to where I was going. When I got to the center of the market, I felt what seemed like a hand lightly slide down my right buttock.

I at first thought it might have been an accident, because everyone was bumping against everyone to make their way through the crowd. But, then it happened a second time, and this time it was clear that I had a pickpocket on my hands and they were trying to enter my rear pocket on my righthand side to grab my leather coin bag. I immediately turned to face whomever it was that was trying to rip me off. The thief scattered into the night crowd. They took with them a button from the back of my convertible adventure traveler pants. Maybe they panicked or maybe it was done as spite. Either way, my belongings were kept safe and I have only a missing button to replace. I so love these pants!

Greling from California, USA

- Editor's Note: Our last stop in Asia was 14, in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam... Read about it here!

February 02, 2017

43rd Stopped Pick-Pocket: Roman Traveler Prevents Pick-Pocket


Dear Clothing Arts,

I bought 3 pair of the pick-pocket proof pants for my trip to Italy last May.  I loved them because I didn't have to carry a purse.  Everything I needed was close at hand and very protected.  I did encounter a pick-pocket on the subway in Italy.  They were a team of three.  They came right after me, but got nothing.  I was scared to death, but glad my things were protected.  I bought the men's pants because that was what was in stock at the time.  They were fantastic!!!! Thank you so much.  

- Patricia, California

Editor’s Note: We followed up with Patricia on a phone call to find out more details. Read her interview below:

“I’m just really happy I had my [Pick-Pocket Proof ®] pants on and my valuables were safe”

What city did you encounter the pick-pockets?

  • Rome

What was the reason for your trip?

  • A religious pilgrimage to see the city’s many holy sites.

How many people went on the trip?

  • About 50 people

Where were you when you encountered the pick-pockets?

  • At the end of a long day of sightseeing, the priest leading the trip, Father Paul, asked if anyone in the group would want to do an optional walking tour. Afterwards, Father Paul walked our small group to a subway and even warned the group to beware of pick-pockets! The group had to transfer to 2 to 3 different subway lines to get back to the hotel.

When did you notice something was wrong?

  • While on the way back, a team of 3 “interesting” looking people got on the train; 2 guys and 1 girl. I was standing and holding the pole in the metro when the they approached me. One came right up and put his hand right on the same pole. He started bumping into me to distract me.

How was the pick-pocket stopped?

  • He openly tried to pick my pocket but couldn’t get through the zipper due to the buttoned flap and gave up! They then went on to try and pick-pocket another woman on the tour and successfully got into her wide-open hand bag and were able to retrieve a few items before the priest intervened to stop the thieves.

January 19, 2017

42nd Stopped Pick-Pocket: A Roman Holiday Saved


Dear Clothing Arts,

While in Rome I was getting on the bus with a large group all waiting at the bus stop. Once on and still standing up I felt someone’s hand trying to unzip the pocket where I had my cash. Fortunately, along with the zipper, my tab that was buttoned and saved me from what would have been a very unhappy ending to my day.  I cannot imagine traveling without the Clothing Arts pants, they are wonderful!

- Lew S from Kentucky, USA

Editors note: Our last stopped pick-pocket on a Roman bus was 19... read about it here

January 12, 2017

41st Stopped Pick-Pocket: Blocked On A Barcelona Bus

Dear Clothing Arts,

My first pair of Pick-pocket proof travel pants gave me security and comfort travelling in Eastern Africa in 2013 – but saw no action. My second pair thwarted a fellow on a bus in Barcelona last year. The bus was standing room, but not so full as to expect contact. A fellow passenger talking on his cell phone with his left hand and with a sweater draped over his left arm leaned against me. OK, I thought this was just a friendly Spanish culture thing. But after some contact, I felt light tugging on my right rear zipper. The guy was a pro. Using his hidden right hand, he got past the buttons without my realizing, but he took too long and the added security of the zipper saved the day. At that second I turned surprised and angry. He seemed perplexed and surprised as well, likely because he was caught and the pants proved too much of a challenge. Saved my wallet and all the hassles of replacing credit cards and ID. Great travel pants!

Lance from Alberta, Canada

December 23, 2016

39th & 40th Stopped Pick-Pockets: Two Pick-Pockets in Two Days in Rome, Italy

Email #1 - December 22, 2016

My family is in Rome, Italy right now. Inside a metro train yesterday, my husband caught a young teenager opening his pants to get to his iPhone. The extra button protection stopped the girl from getting my son's phone. She immediately jumped out of the train. Thanks to your brilliant travel pants! My husband and I own several pairs.

Lorna from North Carolina, USA

Email #2 - December 23, 2016

Hi Adam,

Your pants saved my husband the second time again. We went to watch a soccer game of Roma team at the former olympic arena. The metro bus was packed and a well dressed man almost got to my husband's pocket. The pickpocket was able to open the zipper and buttons. What saved my husband was the depth of the front pockets. He had several hundred euros in there as well as several credit cards. Your pants are well designed to thwart pickpockets. My husband is now self aware when he is in crowded metros. We owe you our safety.

December 20, 2016

38th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Stopped On The Street In Lima, Peru

Dear Clothing Arts,

It is my standard practice to wear Pick-Pocket Proof pants while traveling internationally. It paid off last weekend

I was leaving a coffee shop on Av. Larco in the Miraflores district of Lima, Peru when a young girl bumped into me and began asking a question in Spanish. I promptly moved away and noticed the girl running down the street.

A policeman saw what was happening and got on his radio to have the girl picked up.

My wallet, Iphone and money were secure in different pockets of my Adventure Travel Pants.

Fortunately, the rest of my trip went well and without further incidents.


Richard From  The Washington DC Metro Area, USA

November 30, 2016

34th, 35th, 36th, & 37th Twarted Pick-Pockets...WOW! (Paris Metro & Dakar, Senegal)

Dear Clothing Arts,

I think I have set the record for thwarting pickpockets while wearing Clothing Arts pants and shirts.

Twice in the Paris Metro, the World Olympics of pick-pocketing, I have been accosted by pickpockets. On both occasions, to their befuddlement. they came up with nothing.

In Dakar, Senegal, an otherwise extremely safe city, pickpockets who exist there in large numbers, tried to pickpocket me. Both times, they failed to abscond with anything. In short, my investment in your products have already have paid for themselves many times over.

- Rick from New Jersey, USA

November 15, 2016

33rd Stopped Pick-Pocket: Paris Metro Pick-Pocket Trifecta!

Editors' Note: This is our third stopped pick-pocket attempt on the Metro.

Dear Clothing Arts,

Got back last night. I suspect that someone tried to “get into my pants” in Lyon and certainly on the Metro in Paris.

Got patted down at least three times in the crowded subway each time I changed trains. The French voleur never got past the button on my Pick Pocket Proof Adventure Pants.

Thanks and good job Clothing Arts!

Howard from La Jolla, California, USA

October 31, 2016

32nd Stopped Pick-Pocket: Paris Metro Pick-Pocket Prevented Again!

Dear Clothing Arts,

Paris in September 2016 10:45 pm approaching the entrance to the subway after a wonderful dinner cruise on the river. We were cased by a young man and met with several waiting pickpockets at the entrance. My boyfriend was last to go through the turnstile and as he did he was grouped by one of the men. All his valuables were secure and the pickpocket's plans were foiled. Yes!

We traveled with two pairs of pickpocket proof slacks and a pair of pickpocket proof shorts for a two week trip. They hand wash and dry quickly in the hotel room

Jeanine from USA


October 24, 2016

30 & 31st Stopped Pick-Pocket: Adventure Buttons Stop Two Rome Pick-Pockets

Dear Clothing Arts,

It was a great trip to Italy and Europe. The men’s convertibles did the job, both being a very good travel pant but also thwarting 2 attempted pickpocketing incidents. One at the Trevi fountain and one in the Sistine Chapel, they only got passed the first buttons, LOL.

Traveler from Melbourne, Australia