134 Stopped Pick-Pocket: Pick-Pocket Team Caught Red-Handed En Route to Roma Termini!

Editor's Note: This is your 26th known stopped pick-pocket in Rome!

Dear Clothing Arts,

On a recent trip to Rome, I got on a crowded tram heading to the train station. My wallet was in the front zippered pocket. As we got close to the station, the crowds thinned, but I was still being pressed by a couple of people. At one point, I looked down and saw a hand in my pocket trying to pull my wallet out. The zipper had been opened but slowed the thief down enough that I caught her red-handed.

Her accomplices intervened after I pushed the pickpocket away and yelled at her for trying to steal my wallet. They got off the tram at the next stop and disappeared into the crowds, but I still had my wallet thanks to your pants!

- Randall W. from Utah​