133 Stopped Pick-Pocket: Foiled A Team Of Pick-Pockets On The Way To The Louvre!

Editors Note: This is your 27th know stopped pick-pocket in Paris!

Dear Clothing Arts,

On May 31, 2019, my Clothing Arts Pick-Pocket Proof Pants foiled an attempted pickpocket in Paris. I had just boarded the subway on my way to the Louvre Museum and standing by the door waiting for the door to close when suddenly someone next to me dropped keys and dropped to his hands and knees on the floor of the train. He started to rub my left ankle and was telling me that I dropped keys. I knew the keys were not mine as I did not have any keys on me at that time. I got a bit irritated so I hit his hands away from my ankle. At which time he and the person behind me ran off the train just before the doors closed.

I then checked my pockets and found that the button on my right pants pocket had been undone and the zipper was unzipped 1/2 way. Apparently, while I was distracted, his accomplice tried to reach into my right pants pocket to grab my cell phone. I had my cell phone in the Velcroed part of the pocket so I had one more layer of defense which he did not breach. Luckily my Pick-Pocket Proof Pants came to my defense and my cell phone was safe.

Thanks for making a great product. I will never again travel without them.

- Clinton C. from California, USA.​