130th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Bump & Grab On Streets of St. Petersburg!

Editors Note: This is your 6th know stop in St. Petersberg!

Dear Clothing Arts,

My wife and I were in St. Petersburg, Russia. We were walking down a sidewalk on the main street and we stopped for a pedestrian stop sign. We were first at the curb, with a lot of people behind us. As the light changed, a man abruptly walked in front of us and stopped, preventing us from crossing while he stood still. I felt another person pushing into my back from behind, and then, a hand trying to first reach into my pocket​.​ ​A​n attempt ​was then made ​t​o grab a travel bag I was holding. I shoved the man aside and he and his partner were lost in the crowd.

Luckily for us, they were unsuccessful due to your anti-pick-pocket pants we were both wearing. I am a police officer and knew the attempt was imminent, but we were helpless and of course without any weapons. It was a frightening and unnerving experience, and we were most likely targeted as we are seniors.

I wonder if the experiences when looked upon together will let travelers know where an “incident” is most likely to happen!

- Harvey M. from Florida, USA.​