47th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Palace Pick-Pocket Prevented at Versailles!

Editor's Note: We were first made aware of our 47th stopped pick-pocket through a 5 star review on our Pick-Pocket Proof ® Adventure Travel Pants! Art, a traveler from Virginia, described being "felt up" while visiting the Palace at Versailles. We followed up with him for more detail on his experience. Here's what Art had to say:

Dear Clothing Arts,

I absolutely believe I was being groped by a pick pocket or two! I felt my wallet and cash were secure since I had them in my front pocket and then in the pocket with a Velcro cover, pocket zippered up and it was buttoned! The zipper on one of my pockets was moved down somewhat near the clasped button. My wife was near me and immediately asked if our items were secure since she saw a few fellows close to me. Paris is a fantastic city but I believe they have some of the most professional pick pockets in the world.

Your customer service is OUTSTANDING!  I had placed my order in early February purposely for the March Paris trip. Customer service called me and told me my order was delayed due NIS issues.  I mentioned I ordered them for the Paris trip.  They said they would annotate my order but couldn't promise me if I would received the order on time.  The week we were going to leave they called me and said they could get my order but not in the color I wanted.  I readily accepted it and I received the pants a day or two before the trip.  If I wasn't wearing those pants, I believe I could have been a victim of a pick pocket. 

- Art, Virginia, USA