48th Stopped Pick-Pocket: ANOTHER Pick-Pocket Prevented On Paris Metro

Dear Clothing Arts,

I have had my pockets picked twice in Europe, once in the Netherlands and once in Paris. I was looking for a pair of pick-pocket-proof pants for my 2017 trip to Paris and purchased a pair of Clothing Arts pants for the trip. On April 18th in the Paris Metro, a person attempted to pick my pockets. My wife watched him and he saw her watching and he still proceeded. We got off of the Metro at the next stop, not ours, and as I was leaving the car I felt a tug on my pants, reached down, pulled the arm, and bent the fingers I found as far back as I could. What I should have done is pulled the arm attached to the fingers such that they would get caught in the door. Doors on French Metro cars do not open as elevator doors in the U.S. Once starting to close they do not reopen for an arm. Needless to say, the pants stopped the pick-pocket although the button on the strap was open. So he got that far. I understand this incident is #48 overall and #8 in Paris. I highly commend ClothingArts for designing a tremendous product that is pick pocket proof as well as being extremely well made and comfortable. I highly recommend the product to anyone who travels.

- Gil, Pennsylvania, USA