49th Stopped Pick-Pocket: Pockets Stay Secure On St. Petersburg Metro!

Dear Clothing Arts,

We visited Russia about two years ago. Despite warnings that it was a pick-pocket haven, it was one of the most delightful trips we have ever taken. My level of mental comfort was aided in no small part by the Pick-Pocket Proof pants that I wore every day. Their value really came into play when I went down into the St. Petersburg subway (I'm a big transit fan and use the public transit systems wherever we visit). I was standing on the platform waiting for a train with two men directly in front of me. The train pulled into the station, the two men got on in front of me, then immediately turned around and exited, one on each side of me. They brushed both my side pockets on their way out. I knew immediately what had happened and also knew immediately that they were unsuccessful. Thanks Pick-Pocket Proof pants!

- Richard, Illinois, USA